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The female is depressed should abreact in time
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When the mood is low, had better look for an individual to pour out, is not will depressed a person in be being put in the heart bears.

From field of domestic take office, the female is acting more and more important role. But while the position rises, many females get however mood the worry of the symptom such as insomnia of low, be agitated. The report shows, photograph comparing male, the female generates mental health hidden danger more easily.

To this, medicine of 39 behavior of psychology of cerebral division hospital division director Guo Shenchang suggests, duty field female answers reasonable arrangement time, strike a proper balance between work and rest decompression; And appear when depressed mood, intervene cure has been jumped over earlier.

Pour out but effective untangle pressure

Last year in December, rock of ginger of advanced white-collar of Beijing some company beats in the home of 24 buildings the building dies. In its before one's death in rich guest, what she is suicidal reason attribute a fault to the husband is disloyal, stick the picture that gave the husband and ” of “ a third party, and her family is opposite however before this this utterly ignorant. To this, guo Shenchang thinks, “ good outer part, report only the good news, although encounter again great difficulty, do not pour out to the person easily, it is the biggest bad-mouth of duty field woman. ”

He suggests, the self-healing ability that the female does not want him overmeasure, encounter unpleasantness to want to be communicated with relatives and friends, may look for psychological doctor to pour out, cannot let psychogenic disorder develop psychological disease to just see a doctor absolutely. Additional, a few have familial heredity history, the female of character flaw, become the tall danger crowd of psychological disease more easily.

3 kinds of symptoms should be caused take seriously

The expert expresses, the person of ” of occurrence “ anxiety, “ of most when see a doctor meeting circles ” big rounds. Normally a lot of people the “ oneself is unwell enteron of feeling ” reduce or the category that are heart disease, the crux of the problem also cannot discover after often making a lot of inspections, often be in but under, or it is to be below the doctor proposal of relevant section office, just come to psychological outpatient service.

The expert expresses, common woman psychology disease includes the following kinds commonly, once appear,should cause when corresponding symptom take seriously, want to seek the help of professional doctor in time when necessary:

Neurasthenic: Often have a headache, giddy, be agitated, already Yi Xingfen easy exhaustion, nightly fall asleep hard, spirit is dispirited, attention is centered hard, memory ebbs, rage.

Melancholia: Meet the negative reaction with motive respect, if ego opinion is low, negative oneself or ego misrepresentation, always think the life does not have a hope, devoid enterprise. The negative reaction of the mood, like mood dismay, affection dim, love cries, much sadness. Have the idea of covet, suicide, always feel oneself existence does not have value.
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