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The female is depressed should abreact in time
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Angst disease: Heavy-hearted, lack safe sense, always feel others is endangering him. The thing that often feels worst beforehand will happen, appear the feeling of indescribable catastrophe befall, and often distracted, feel restless.

8 action dissolve psychological pressure

1: Apply utterance and imagination to loosen

Pass an imagination, train ” of thinking “ stroll about, if imagine white cloud of “ blue sky falls, the ” on the meadow that I take in evenness green mattress, “ I am comfortable ground bubble is in bath crock, listening to beautiful light music ” , loosen inside short time, rest, regain energy, let oneself get spirit small rest, can feel unruffled, halcyon with gentle.

2: Support solution

the life medium pressure enumerate comes out, after once draw up,coming, you discover with respect to meeting whacking, want “ only each checkmate ” , these so called pressure, can dissolve gradually.

3: Want to cry

Medical psychologist thinks, cry can alleviate pressure. Psychologist ever gave exam of a few adult blood pressure, make up two groups by normal blood pressure and hypertension next, enquire whether they had cried respectively.

Result, the person with the normal blood pressure of 87% says they had had now and then cry, and most however answer says those hypertensive patients to never weep. By this token, let human affection express come out to want to be gotten benignantly than be being buried deeply in the heart much.

4: Understand 1000 anxious

When the roam in the world of the book, after all depressed sadness can pay all heads, vanish completely. Read can make a person chases gradual change to get breadth of mind to widen in exert a subtle influence on, tolerance is open-minded, not fear pressure.

5: Athletic calm one's anger

France appeared a kind of burgeoning industry: Center of athletic calm one's anger. This kind of center all has professional coach guidance, teach people how shout, twist towel, hit a pillow, beat sofa to wait, do calm one's anger of decompression of “ of biggish of momentum of a kind of carry to hold ” . Be in these athletic centers, next left and right sideses all bespread sponge on, hold the post of a person to feel climb boil dozen, move about freely and quickly.

6: See horror piece

England has an expert to suggest, people feels the job has pressure, it is to result from their sense of responsibility to the job. What right now they need more is to encourage with brace. So, with its through all sorts of relaxation skill overcomes pressure, face the situation that is full of pressure as him drive, go seeing a horrible movie for example.

7: Snack

The purpose of snack does not depend on be being satisfied at the hungry need of abdomen merely, and the sentiment that interprets insecurity in Yu Huan and inner conflict.

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