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Silent it is Jin Jian silent is ill
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In the life, “ is silent it is golden ” representing a kind of accomplishment, a kind of ways of life. But no matter adult still is children, if appear long-term and tongueless state, be about to take care to suffer from sufferred from slight or be serious neurological reach psychological disease.
According to Guangzhou daily report, on Feburary 26, 2008 in the evening A Yong (alias) be received by car of 120 emergency treatment cure of armed police hospital. He eats suicide of medicine of below two packets of mice at that time. Come from formerly last year in September, 100 thousand yuan of devoted stock market that A Yong will prepare to buy room marriage, be enlightened is fried too earn many bits of money, dan Ayong buys which which drop. A Yong becomes tacit from this, more and more not talktive.

Li Wei of director of division of psychology of armed police hospital and A brave make speak and think, “ resembles A Yong this kind of circumstance calls ‘ on psychology ’ of depressed sex mutism. She expresses ” , the “ after stock market New Year passes opens the door green ” and much recently grail goes low continuously, let a lot of itself pass with respect to pressure big, introvert, or the shareholder psychology insecurity that has depressed disease, mood is low and suffer from on depressed sex is tongueless.

Depressed sex mutism is one of depressed disease, depressed mutism behaves the deadlocked that it is wood or mutter, relative of patient countenance Bei, accompany sometimes have clonic angst, be in a bad way person absolutely and tongueless. So, how should we prevent and cure in the life?

Overcome mood obstacle: Make from study communication

Medical expert thinks, its behave depressed sex mutism the form is: Tacit, more and more not talktive. So, look usually be like very common a few elements, also can cause take harm. Be like, brawl of husband and wife, disable accidentally respectively from different, family member, insecurity of working difficulty, human relation, and the element such as serious body illness, make patient concern, angst, happening of as a result is depressed, dejected, depressed. Dredge is passed in normal person, this kind of depressive mood last a period of time is brief disappear namely. But depressed sex patient is depressed hold time is longer, its always can appear very easily a kind of mood is low, close-lipped little sign, like to brood, energy is insufficient, everything all looks pessimisticly, memory goes dispatch him duty, look into future to lack confidence, face real difficulty heavily. With critically, inactive with negative manner him look upon now, go and will come, this also is no good, that is incorrect also, say oneself to get without a single redeeming feature, future a darkness.

Additional, this kind of patient communicates in longing and other, pour out while the trust that cannot establish pair of other however, and healthy, lively face must be shown before other. They do not have the obstacle of obvious in consciousness and mental level, its mainest problem depends on never learning how to communicate with other truly. Medical expert thinks, a lot of patients are to stem from actually be concerned about face-saving, be afraid of mental retardation be thinkinged, and dare not communicate with the person tardy, so that a lot of things aux would rather he are covering tightly, frowsty frowsty move with respect to be out of order.
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