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Silent it is Jin Jian silent is ill
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Apparently, these people lack self-confidence, have self-abased feeling. Medical expert thinks, as the patient, must break a barrier, want to be made from study communication, otherwise that firm ice of ego can exist all the time. Additional, as the patient's family member and friend, must add an attention to observe more usually, give a patient a few care more usually, communicate with ill patient more, guide its to talk more, in the understanding in talking process its idea tries to help its establish confidence.

Abreact appropriately: Do not let professional status depress his

British media publishs a problem to be recently " the smile may damage health badly " signed article, say Japanese service department smiles invariably to will not last possibly then. Explanation of professor of eye of summer of one famous alienist says Osaka university, for the female that smiles to maintaining professional sex from beginning to end in the job, ” of “ smile mask depressed real feeling, this is huge to psychological influence. Summerly eye professor still emphasizes saying: “ falls in extreme circumstance, force oneself to wearing ’ of ‘ smile mask for long to may be brought about true depressed. ”

Study from this information is medium, we can see, if a person is long-term the position that holds a kind of high strenth, this depressed oneself more easily, let oneself be on the condition that be tired of and breaks down, be in especially the society with this kind of more and more intense nowadays competition, this kind of possibility that break down is larger. So, get angry when this are angry, when should crying, cry to the top of one's bent. You can look for a friend, seek a dear one, perhaps go up in rich guest, mix the dissatisfaction in him heart depressed and discontented, delighted ground abreacts come out. After abreacting, the ability in the heart can appear possibly a bright spring day.

Put an end to children tongueless: Give the child a warm home

According to concerning statistic, alternative mutism produces children at children of sensitive, cowardly, dissocial disposition more, at ordinary times parents is protected overly fondly, because of the first time leave to family, environment changes and have disease, partial case of illness may be concerned with genetic element. Growth of intelligence of tongueless little patient is normal, remove disease to come 7 years old in 3 years old more, the girl sees more, it is sensitive more, shy disposition. Alternative mutism little patient is right certain person, crowd or bite the tongue in specific environment, and fluent to the speech in another some of person and environment.

The expert reminds, children mutism is to belong to psychogenic disorder, once diagnose,make clear, must treat as early as possible. Want to cooperate actively usually as the parent. Want to avoid mental stimulation above all, to lying language budding children should avoid the stimulation on all sorts of spirit as far as possible, develop the interest with wide children and optimistic and open-minded disposition. Eliminate psychological insecurity to the element is arranged appropriately and improve the life and learning environment next, encourage them to enter all sorts of collective activities actively. To tongueless not beyond the mark attention of the little patient, avoid to force a speech and create the farther tension on the mood, produce mutinous psychology even. Can adopt move law, if parents accompanies child play, go on a journey plays outside, dispersive its insecurity mood. On the foundation with flabby mood, child firm dehisce speaks, give reward and encourage; Also can need most with the child, the thing that likes most regards award as the condition, invite child conversation. Heavier to a few symptoms little patient, if have beyond the mark angst, nervous, fear, a few fighting can be taken below doctor guidance angst medicine.
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