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Treat 4 of angst to must not be become generally
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Face pressure, we like “ to bear ” and “ to carry ” too, no matter others or oneself are in him advise, “ differs one shiver, boil maintain the past. ” falls in special emergency, suggestion of this kind of psychology can have some of effect probably.

Chinese economy can be denied picture a few otherer the Olympic Games runs a country same, the … of flat ” blaming a group after be immersed in “ Olympic Games…

But for the ” of duty field person that is in pressure circumstances for a long time to fall as a “ , exceeding bears the psychological problem that will create different level, the most general “ is for instance depressed, angst, force ” issue, they belong to the token sex of pressure to reflect actually. Although these problems are on the body of our majority person the degree of ” of disease of short of “ , the square field surface that influence of same however meeting works to us and lives. So, how should be we known correctly and to how should be we known correctly and answer these “ psychology cold ” ? Above all, we from unscramble the most general depressed issue to begin.   

Depressed resemble a cold kind poor and common, the patient is not exiguous, there is a depressed problem that has different rate in every 5 females, be in especially today times of high pressure of this high speed. Bear when the person when pressure, cerebrum can arouse physiology function, secrete a kind the name is oxyhydrogen coriaceous alcohol (the pressure hormone of Cortisol) , coriaceous alcohol provides mobile energy for us originally, but, on the high side of coriaceous mellow level, can bring about insomnia and spirit to be not centered, form depressed condition gradually. But depressed problem is not equal at “ depressed disease ” , because this is necessary to listen to academy of Asian active psychology to bark glacial doctor is told first,tell ——

Error one: Depressed with individual ability business of weak, affection is low, small-minded relative.

Depressed disease is with the mood low the mental disease that is main and clinical expression suffers from. What contract this disease easily is not the person of those have no way out, contrary, those jobs it is serious, assiduous, easier to have person of future, potential because the job suffers from,go up depressed disease, spend because of their investment taller, more sensitive to exceeding the working content from personal ability to feel.

Trade on any account does not have the psychological disease such as depressed disease and affection to concern directly. Take depressed disease to make case: Business is just like your affection the container of a Cheng Manshui, and pressure is just like ink, in ink of the drop in an urine bucket, water won't blacken; Go up toward the infuse in a big pond ton ink, water is met instead black. Whether can get depressed disease to depend on so your infuse how many pressure, business has the feeling that is not you how old.
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