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Treat 4 of angst to must not be become generally
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Error 2: Depressed disease of depressed mood =

The mood of “ person is a pendulum, academy of ” Asia active psychology barks glacial doctor sits before me, conveniently takes bag of a mobile phone to begin to swing, of “ past joy place higher at the same time, toward distress place so that also can jump over likewise at the same time tall, this is natural phenomenon. Let oneself stay in joy only at the same time, how likely? Pilot power is greater, you are in more turn over human nature. Of course, you still have a kind of feeling that the likelihood goes to reducing sadness, that is adjusted namely swing extent, let joy and sadness swing extent is reduced come down, such, your perception to anguish also so won't much, this is the coma that we say normally. A lot of people feel maturity is coma, this is very wrong understanding. ”

Actually, depressed mood and happy mood are euqally poor and common, we need not have period of time not happy may have psychological problem with respect to him suspicion. Browbeat in depressed mood only your normal life even life when, just need go to a doctor or power of medicaments of have the aid of. And you have even if depressed disease, the mood that also need not be oneself is low and feel scared, the person that has 12% about ever had experienced the quite serious, depressed disease that needs treatment in a certain period in their lifetime, fit of their major depressed disease also can not be in via cure 3 ~ end during 6 months.

Wang Bing tells me, there is what two kinds of people won't get depressed sentiment to disturb only on the world, one kind is a the dead, one kind is very serious schizophrenia patient, the result that we try hard is not to make he becomes those two kinds of people, yes?

Error 3: Feel depressed when you, control it please

“ now, you must not think a pink elephant, must not think! This elephant still has a pair of very big ear. Dr. Wang Bing that ” takes opposite admonishs so I, of course, when I am emphasizing myself do not think, there is a lovely pink all the time in brain elephant of big on both sides existed.

Wang Bing says, mood of a lot of favor is exasperate, because they want to change their depressed condition too,be actually. When you discover you are perplexed by depressed mood, must not try to control it, and should replace with adjustment method.

Duckweed of the Kingdom of Wei of chief inspector of finance affairs of group of science and technology of new Oriental education special be good at using this method. When a thing makes her very pained, she often can throw this thing temporarily, the choice shops, watch a lot of TV serieses, cry together with the book, laugh together etc. The main reason that Wei Ping feels he is more mature than before depends on her can rational him analysis attributes what position, it is painful confused still, went out to the problem can be faced or cannot be faced. Oneself are indulged after the analysis, emotional appeal waiting for a heart was rectified, she can discover, “ moves when the thing is easy, scene change, a lot of extremely big at that time issues are not large. ”
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