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Treat 4 of angst to must not be become generally
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Again for instance a friend of the author once had because of the job mood be agitated for some time, often withered sitting to play to look again and again enjoy day break, she always says with oneself, this is last bureau, but actually, after one bureau, she can'ts restrain the ground to play the 2nd bureau, suspect him psychology has a problem even. But look in Wang Bing, this is not so dread affection, when “ is playing to look again and again, her angst mood also was reduced actually, see the medicaments of specially good effect that be equal to is her again and again, help her do not consider a lot of issues, and make her successful feel, why to want to coerce forcibly so him give up? Wait for health of ’ of her ‘ body, natural meeting stops drug. ”

Error 4: Do not solve cause depressed specific reason, incurable depressed

Cause depressed cause varied, those who have human affairs side, those who have outstanding achievement side, also have daily soulful, perhaps 10 thousand problems caused your negative sentiment, but we are solved impossibly all these 10 thousand problems, did this mean our negative sentiment to cannot be changed?

The answer is negative.

The cause that creates 10 thousand your not happy problems has a —— probably only your explanatory system appeared problem, you always are wearing sunglasses to live. Perhaps you explain these 10 thousand problems, it is the means according to a pessimism. On “ psychology hopeful what is distinguished with pessimism? Hopeful person can think the success can last, be extensive existence, it is the result that internal cause tries hard, pessimistic person can think the success is temporary, be confine, external cause is caused. Explain a system and do not have what stand or fall, but, if this explains the system lets you feel very not happy, that was changed with respect to need. 10 thousand problems we are solved one by one without method, but we can intervene and the thinking of backside of 10 thousand problems and explanatory system are changed.

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