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Depressed: Be not is psychological disease only
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Depressed disease both neither is small-minded, also not be feebleminded, not be character more abominable.

It and cold are same, it is a kind of disease

“ socially a lot of people, include my family, my leader, they feel ill without this kind, always think depressed disease is take things too hard, it is narrow-minded, love plan too namely. Cui Yongyuan of ” CCTV master of ceremonies, feel when oneself contract depressed disease not by all round the person understands.

Really, long-term since, people often regards depressed disease as thought problem, pettish. Patient of very much depressed disease also is mixed Cui Yongyuan is same, feel to be not understood by the society. They have ashamed feeling, even avoid cure avoid as taboo medicine. However, as the development of modern medicine, the mankind has realised, depressed disease both neither is small-minded, also not be feebleminded, not be character more abominable. It and cold are same, it is a kind of disease.

Medicaments action surpasses channel

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad director of staff room of psychology of medicine of ministry of Beijing University medicine introduces to this print, depressed disease is 5 hydroxide lubricious amine (cerebrum excretive brings about spirit one kind to be mixed flabbily the material of Morpheus) cerebrum nerve gives amine waiting for sheet to be caused mussily character. After this and person are stimulated, like producing the truth with disorder internal system.

Disease of this kind of psychology keeps depressed disease in physiology change, this one change can have gotten test and verify through biochemical experiment at present. Doctor of director of Beijing stable hospital Doctor Hou is engaged in depressed disease for years clinical medicine works. When she is diagnosing depressed disease, often give patient assay 24 hours make water, observe these nerve give qualitative metabolization from this eventually child chroma. Urinalysis, already made one of important instruments that diagnose depressed disease now.

Made clear pathology reason, a variety of medicaments that fight depressed disease come out in succession. Many patients discover, the countless speech of psychological doctor or channel, curative effect has not touched a small pill however. As a result of the birth of relevant medicaments, people had new expectation to the cure of mental disease.

Cause depressed disease still have another physiology reason, that is genetic element. Hua Dong Normal University is psychological Professor Xu thinks, if parental one party has contracted depressed disease, then you have 15% to contract this disease to the odds of 25% .

This odds should compare someone else a few taller, because you bear,this is of pressure gene capacity is smaller than normal person, the odds that contracts this disease so increased than average person. Yellow director of center of sanitation of drive of control of Chinese disease precaution says, modern medicine has proved, depressed disease is put in a variety of easy feeling gene, and these gene have genetic tendency.
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