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Yi Chen of depressed disease woman confuses sexual love
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Hong Kong " big bulletin " cite England " daily Post " the report says: Consider to show, the sexual life that the sexual life of depressed disease woman compares cheerful woman is frequent, the reason is sexual love makes they feel safer. Low spend the woman that depressed disease spends in coming to indulge sexual activity, can compare other woman much, no matter whether they have a partner,concern.
Investigator says, the addition of sexual life may conduce to alleviate the depressed disease of certain woman, conduce to cure even. Afore-mentioned research results, it is Sa cloth helps clinical student. The international spirit that holds in Melbourne before Allan cure birthday is healthy of the read out on the conference.

The whole report of Allan doctor will be published at " British medicine magazine " . She and her research group confirmed earlier the research when guesses, also have a partner namely but the woman that has depressed disease, likelihood relatively often appeal at the gender close activity makes he feels safer. Hold a post to say at the Allan doctor of university of assorted of Melbourne Mo Na: Patient of “ depressed disease feels more insecure to partner concern, worry about its spouse to the likelihood does not care them or do not feel they are valuable. ”

She says: “ and sexual activity conduces to make they feel close with safety. ” she still thinks, relative to at more cheerful lone woman character, the lone woman of depressed disease has the tendency that takes more informal attitude on sexual thing.

Allan doctor is published on the meeting after its study a result, whether can be activity of the sex that be asked about helped effectively alleviate or overcome depressed disease. To this, her answer says: “ this we do not know really, but we feel helpful, because sexual activity makes,organic can closer partner mixes these women to be loved. ”

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