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Psychology is anile 10 big inchoate signal
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The person's age has the branch of physiology age, psychology age, we often weigh psychological age to wait for …… for ” of arrogant on account of one's seniority of ” of “ prematurely senile, “ at the person of physiology age consenescence first this is a kind of general view, after all what kind of person belongs to prematurely senile, the psychology that psychologist summary gives is anile 10 big inchoate signal, can help us be differentiated correctly.
Firstly, handle affairs efficiency is low: Memory drops apparently, good forget a thing, indecisive, lack youthful spirit, do a thing to always want to grind dillydally loiter, postpone again and again.
Secondly, competitive consciousness degrades: Do not have innovation thinking to the career, often feel empty and drab, especially brainworker, more and more feel ability not equal to one's ambition.
Thirdly, self-abased psychology: When a person is in alone, constant regular meeting grows hiss weak point to sigh, stand aloof from the worldly affairs, face the inner world outside, often feel oneself had fallen behind.
Its 4, reaction is unusual: On one hand, be opposite occasionally human relation is particularly sensitive, always feel family and the person all round are in be impassable with oneself, suspicion is fascicular; on the other hand, think place oneself sometimes at everybody besides, the job that right beside oneself happening turn a blind eye to, reaction inhospitality.
Its 5, bigoted: No matter do what business, want to be a center with oneself, press oneself apiration act.
Its 6, scattered and lazy, spirit is depressed: Often feel energy is not raised, very static evil impetuous, drowsiness is unbroken, often rely on to drink come swipe spirit.
Its 7, disposition is dissocial: Like to act independently, persist one's old ways. Do not be willing to face stranger especially, constant excuse escapes to be contacted with stranger.
Its 8, thinking is slow: When facing sudden event, often be at a loss what to do, flurried and derelict, a manner of anxiety or happiness, it do not know how to run ability is good to do not know how to run ability.
Its 9, the mood is absentminded: Like to wallow in the memory of the past, sentimental, mood “ children changes ” , when cold when hot, the thing reaction interest that does not have what value to those is strong, like to chatter, no matter other love listens,do not love to listen again.
Its 10, disposition is impatient: In the life easier and easier be swayed by one's emotions, sensible part is less and less in words and deeds. Easier and misinterpret other people is well-intentioned, inexorable others opinion, not sober, on the verge of breaking out.

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