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3 lose greatly to the mood, angry, angst, blue
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Mood, because answer,be at external environment fluctuant with stimulation, those who cause is subjective experience.

Mood, it is kind of condition also be kind of energy, generation leads the motive force with the influence; Glad when we are OK caper 3 feet, the somebody when anger can break a thing to wait a moment, the backside of behavior is a mood in dominant, disturb even think with judgement, but do not forget anyhow, ourselves just is the dictate of the mood and main body!

to mood, our feeling is cheerful, happy, sweet, relaxed, comfort, sober, gentle etc.

Lose to mood, often pestering accompany appear, want to adjust the mood, EQ that has made mood management, him promotion, head if differentiate these moods, understanding these moods.

3 lose to mood: Anxiety of angry Anger, angst, blue Depression, have the essence with its immanent psychology, below mood storm, it seems that can by the mood diversionary, also existing actually easy uncared-for element.

> of < angry Anger suffers a setback rebound detest
Do not have metempsychosis of good newspaper, laugh at to enrage kindly; If kindness or self-respect by disappoint, psychology is serious of course be thwarted, can that get angry angrily? Make indignant life proper express solution, immanent mood pressure needs to find outlet!

> of < angst Anxiety faces hazardous concern to fear
When the imagination browbeats to living face to face, can produce fear and alert feeling, let the body react heartbeat of acumen, breath increases etc, can at any time desperately or flee for one's life; But have too much pressure, may be the crisis be minatory? Study loosens force of skill, effective prescind, angst can try those who take to close absolutely!

The sadness of great lose of > of < blue Depression is sad
The sad deep sorrow that loses a dear one, beloved pet be dead, feeling ends it is painful to be lovelorn; No matter essence or abstraction, we can have after all when losing, besides painful break to love, can also you lose oneself live motivation? When sadness hard past the appointed time must remember: It is very important to had been lost, cannot lose oneself again!

The control of the mood and adjust, from 3 lose greatly begin to the mood:
Get angry because of be deceived, want to vent one's anger so. Drain express mood.
Because of be frighted angst, want to receive Jing so. Move loosens a mood.
Blue because of damage, want to stop caustic so. Take care of admit a mood.

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