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Image dialog therapeutics
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"Image dialog " founds by expert of our country famous psychology Professor Zhu Jianjun, it is the native land psychology of the most influential force refers our country with remedial method. Image dialog therapeutics results from depth psychology clique, drew Shi Meng, hypnotic technology, person this psychology and Oriental psychological thought, have Chinese distinguishing feature. Its biggest characteristic depends on, apply “ image ” the symbolistic language of this kind of primitive acknowledge, undertake operating in the depth of character directly. And unlike tradition psychoanalysis needs to pass in that way subconscious change with the language between recognizant layer, because this can reduce the impedance of the person that call in greatly

. Image dialog therapeutics is passed revulsive the person that call in does an imagination, understand the subconscious psychology conflict of the person that call in, the person that call in through be opposite directly is subconscious medium image undertakes modification, achieve remedial result. The mood issue that this therapeutics uses extensively at treating disease of all sorts of neurosis, body and mind, normal person and psychological development problem, can make remedial time shortens greatly, the effect is more stable also. Image dialog therapeutics, also be a very pretty good psychology diagnoses a technology, more rapidder than list of general psychology volume or interview law, hit the mark more easily.

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