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Old people " crepuscular " psychological adjustment
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Psychology of “ crepuscular ” is old people a kind of common negative sex psychology, its are behaved normally for “ affection depression, spirit is retreated change ” , the ” of “ astatic element that is health of a kind of harmful body and mind, need is adjusted through ego will try to eliminate, it is psychology of a few common “ crepuscular ” and method of recuperate under medical treatment below.
Desolate abandon feels
After some old people are retired, felt to lose the job, lost power, did not have in the life greet send those who go to is lively, feel to cannot be again on the arena of powers and authorities of office “ operation performs ” , flat and desolate move can produce in the heart, the psychology of this kind of lose tangles twine circle, of brandish do not go, as be being abandoned hind the sort of afflictive.
Analysis and adjust: Because proper pride is too strong, suffer vanity at the same time drive, to his “ part changeover ” wants to be illogical, generation is consequently inactive abandon a mood oneself. Tell from healthy angle, the sentiment is negative, disease-resistant ability of the person can drop, opposite can produce undesirable effect alive. Actually, “ loses authority ” to age, be just as seasonal changeover, it is the inevitable rule of life. Grand of the first month of Tang Dynasty poet has Shi Yun like that: “ human affairs has metabolization, come-and-go becomes Gu Jin. An emeritus old person says ” well: “ grass follows pneumatic, authority goes along with duty, emeritus leave one's post, perfectly justified, what to have very vexed and frustrated. ” remembers their word, do good “ part to exeunt with common heart ” .
Burdensome package feels
Some old people are suspicious and suspicious, the thought becomes ignorant, often feel oneself are helpless, cannot be again work in the home, think oneself are filial encumbrance and package, it is “ 3 full the “ that pours ” kills ” alive, feel the life is a kind of torment, it is one kind suffers, produce the opinion of pessimistic disappointment consequently.
Analysis and adjust: Pattern of traditional provide for the aged, negative psychology is the main reason that causes ” of feeling of burden of burden of old people “ . Senile psychology thinks, close provide for the aged, the inactive provide for the aged that defend against a siege as small room, the means of provide for the aged of natural confinement can raise older more only. Old people is the autumn of life, it is the season of maturity and results, a lot of starts great undertaking famous person on the history are old people. Wait like Confucius, Mencius, Engels. We have reason to swing those undesirable moods, undertake life does poineering work 2 times, start life the 2nd spring.
Nostalgic regression feels
Some old people sensitivity, be reluctant to leave the past, chang Chen remote is gone after departedly at be opposite, show the nostalgic complex with different level. Had had the old people of much rougher experience, its feeling can be centered at the life that past difficult Is hope, the thing reminds one of its owner, gloomy mood full bowel; Have the old people of career of horse crossing army, right brutal and sentimental distress of the war, anxiety-ridden ……
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