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Psychological problem does not divide old little expert to suggest as soon as po
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Some city holds what intentional manage seeks advice from attestation of division profession qualification to have 500 people - 800 people, but be engaged in psychology referring a trade only 30 people left and right sides, citizen of this shows majority to psychological disease this one invisible “ killer ” still does not have enough attention. Be in the urban district referral center of a psychology, a few seasoned psychology sought advice from division to introduce the main type of psychological disease patient, symptom to the reporter, and all sorts of problems of existence and corresponding remedial direction. They suggest, suffer from the crowd of intentional manage disease to answer as soon as possible undertakes advisory cure.
Children also has psychological problem
Generally speaking, psychological disease patient can divide roughly it is a few kinds big: It is the psychological shadow that affection occurrence problem brings about; 2 it is the psychological deviation that adolescent growing process is brought about by the influence; 3 it is human relation processing is undeserved caused psychological problem.
This center Director Xu says, arrive from children of 34 years old old person of seventy years of age, put likely in psychological problem. Nowadays, advisory patient is in the majority with marital affection problem, fraction is to have the nerve such as disease of scared, angst kind problem. Average person thinks, the thing that psychological disease is adult and child have nothing to do, actually this is an error, little also can produce psychological problem, the psychological problem of 34 years old of children is ignored the most easily, e.g. some dot inhospitality, shut oneself etc.
Because the parent did not take seriously, hold the post of its develop, bring about dot to appear easily in the following life unusual position, it is very important to be taught to the inchoate psychology of dot so and guide.
Female patient holds great majority
Those who study affection issue crime the teacher thinks, the patient that marital problem causes psychological disease is not scarce, if be absent of the problem send first period seasonable dredge, probable “ becomes aggravated ” , derive a series of psychology or behavior problem, be like mental uneasiness or ultra suicidal behavior.
According to introducing, in the citizen that seek advice coming before this center, the female held great majority, they or it is the young woman in love, or be 30 come year old married woman. The problem that encounters is basic and similar, it is the psychogenic disorder that the relation between sweethearts or husband and wife is not coordinated and causes.
“ male has more drain medium of communication, produce psychogenic disorder not easily, the female is in the position of the weak socially, the mood cannot get drain. ” crime the teacher says, still having a main reason is domestic force. Some females use force to its because of the husband, cause be fear of on spirit, escape, dare not face psychological problem, some accumulates certain level to erupt, or injure a person or commit suicide.
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