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A few petty action see common psychology
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One, knead palm

The child sees the mother rolls out the thing of one car from the supermarket, he is probable rub kneads the palm, make expected gesture. Or, a company president of 60 years old is chairing an important meeting, at this moment the secretary delivers a piece of brief note, after he looks, stand up knead begins to say: “ everybody, we strove for the contract with ×× company huge amount. ”

In the collection phase belt of the negotiation, somebody apace knead both hands, seem expectation to wear what thing. When beginning to negotiate, one party sees this attitude feels very open-eyed, can pause immediately, enquire whether the other side has other arrangement beforehand. His smile can tell you, the movement of his wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water, let us believe to he knows and like coming thing only. Before people is having an activity, like often washing his hands knead both hands. Unless his hand is cold, it is a suggestion namely otherwise to that activity very have fun at. Perhaps this also is gambler is before dice, always want first knead a cause of both hands.

Another kind of attitude appears mood not very is good, it is the hand that wets with knead of a cloth slowly. This kind of attitude is not to convey the self-confidence in expecting, is insecurity, disturbed it seems that. When a lot of people are nervous, the hand with their damp sweat can be dried on some kind of thing. The man uses trousers normally, the woman is commonly used handkerchief or bumf. Judicial attest, new personality publishs an address on or the move such as the athlete gives competition, often make the gesture of the sweat on palm of some kind of erase.

2, alternate finger

Press middle finger in the attitude on forefinger, can restrospect to our childhood times. Year young when the child scatters an inessential lie to parents, or be when looking forward to lucky gas, regular meeting across begins to point to.

Mulberry · Dr. Fei Deman is in " the characteristics of utterance and attitude " in, claim this is " has magic power one kind, avoid the attitude of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, no matter unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is,be born by the heart or ab extra. "Embarkation of a friend travels, should be in with always be behind schedule and famed airport a favourable turn, he across begins to point to pair of others to say: "Perhaps such, can catch up with turn the aircraft that build. Can catch up with turn the aircraft that build..

Talking about the business or social situation, this kind of stance is commonner than what we know much, often make very secret, immediately is apart after very fast across. Below the circumstance of a lot of insecurity, this attitude is filmed come down. When one party puts forward a request or asking, slightly alternate finger, express to hope his desire gets admissive.
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