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The death in the dream is indicative
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Death also is the first class important matter in life, everybody fears it however everybody should face it.
When the person is worrying about death, when pondering over death, with respect to the picture that meeting dream goes to to be concerned with death, of death indicative. When a person's true drawing near dies, the body and psychology can have premonition, this kind premonitions also meet translate into dream. The example of a few picture that concern to it is dreamed of when there are a lot of person on one's deathbeds in archaic account. If Confucius is in,face before dying before long, made the dream of adumbrative sex.
Have a kind of appearance very bizarre, that is a family member when dying, some people also can get a few information in the dream, its reason is still baffling, as if have kind of heart reaction.
In the dream, if we are direct,the dream arrives oneself or a certain family member died, fear and we worry most. No matter how are you had blind faith in, if be dreamed of clearly,have family member decease, impossible also remain unruffled. Do not pass a ground Shi Meng experience, the author thinks great majority does not express this kind of dream to die really, and the “ that what often point to is the mentally on spirit dies. “ because this, we are over to need not worry because of this kind of dream completely actually.
When relatives and friends dies really, our dream often is will show this one information with symbolizing round zigzag, do not make the dream that relatives and friends dies directly almost.
This perhaps is the “ primitive “ in our heart a kind of protection to us. A doctor is informing you, when the message that your family member dies, do not say directly:
“ your family member is dead, perhaps want “ dead, adopt an euphemism however: Your family member still has “ what unfinished wish, help him go know clearly. “ is waited a moment. Same, also be to use indicative means to transmit this one information in the dream.
The “ death “ that dreaming of oneself or family member death directly often is symbolistic mentally. The death of alleged mentally points to is: To hope of throw the helve after the hatchet of a thing, died heart; Eliminated oneself certain disposition weakness, namely alleged “ goes a variety of is just as dead yesterday “ ; Lost energy, cadaver of form person of the same trade takes the flesh; Get the air, work with permanent depart; Leave for a long time with a friend; With break off relations of a friend. . . . . . . . Above all we are familiar with a delegate to die those are indicative. Die and be born is the two respects of a thing, because this is a little indicative,be common. Give water to enter water for example, the unkennel that enter a hole is waited a moment. Strict he says, entering water is dead, entering a hole also is dead.
Still have at the same time a few what concern with death is indicative: For example, fly on high in the clouds, this is to express to be done high mostly with joy, but also can express dead sometimes. In common saying, “ of “ be raised to the skies also is not dead euphemistic view?
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