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The death in the dream is indicative
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Flourish case has said a dream, someone dreams of mountain-climbing, yue Dengyue is tall, till the summit. At this moment he continues upgrade is ascended, him discovery already arrived in sky. He feels ecstatic in the dream.
Ground of flourish case acumen becomes aware, this dream is adumbrative he will die when mountain-climbing, then he does not want urge to mountaineer again, but he insists to want to mountaineer however, result before long, he falls down from hill in the lose one's footing when mountain-climbing, be bungled on another individual body, two people fall dead together.
Perhaps this dream person subconscious in die early already in the dream. This is none strange, the life gets joyless person, constant illusion uses dead escapism, expect even can once reincarnation. And this kind of desire that thinks dead can make him be in “ innocently the lose one's footing in “ sets, or, give traffic accident, give an accident, perhaps must go up cancer. Do not think dead when a person when, he encounters disaster and a serious illness very hard, and when a person thinks dead, he is can involuntary in seek dead opportunity.
Accordingly, the death in discovering a dream is indicative, conduce to us discovering those pairs of lives are disappointed in time, think of dead person, conduce to us helping them reject to die.
Death still can be used change butterfly, change a bird to fly away express. Citing says Fuluoyide, a dot dreams of his brotherly sister and him to play together, abrupt, brotherly sisters became butterfly to fly away. This that is to say, this child hopes brotherly sister dies, lest they and oneself share parental love.

The Liang Shanbai of pardonable China wishs flower stage the story is medium, hero of male and female changed butterfly. Be in subconscious in, this points to death namely.
Reap also can express to die. Azrael reaps our life to reap commissariat as the farmer.
Enter the ground to also can express to die. Discover in underground the room is abandoned especially, discovered deceased family member. Be in our country, as a result of superstitious influence, this kind of dream is commonner.
Dream of a person to leave, dream of go out journey, may be death symbolizes.
To us, of others is his “ left us forever to death. “ because this, dream of relatives and friends to come farewell before setting out, can represent death sometimes. For example when the Qin Keqing in red Loumeng is dead, appear in one's dream and make a request leaves with phoenix elder sister, reflected the recognition with indicative to this people.
Think of oneself die in the dream, may use come home will symbolize. This is alleged: “ of “ face death unflinchingly. Death is our a home to return to, we come from bound of that yuan of life, die even if return over there. Accordingly, die even if come home, li Bai says:
The person that “ is born is passing traveller, the dead is classify. “ returns somebody to point out, “ ghost person, return also “ , ghost is classify, it is to return to us the home of each individual eternity, the classify of quiet home;
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