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The death in the dream is indicative
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Put heart old person on the ice to ever had written her dream in the article for example: “ yesterday at night, I dream of myself to call ' rickshaw ' by the ave suddenly, a rickshaw runs, wagoner is one arm big waist garden, the middleaged person with very black face, he puts down handlebar to ask me: Should you get on ' where ah? I feel ' he calls ' your “ and asymmetry ' your ' , I am returned certainly very small, I say: “ I should come home, alley of the shears in answering. ' he lifts me get on a car, pull go. Walk along the ave lane that wears a lot of loess to lay the ground, a lot of pedestrians on the street, the men and women is old young, it is ground of ' leisurely ' mutual make a bow with hands folded in front, pay respects, say hello to, one station stands old a long time. This rickshaw does not have …… run, wagoner is ground of at a leisurely pace goes only ah go, visited Beijing town it seems that, I see backside of his short gown make sweat drenched, also return alley of the shears in going! “
In this dream, those who come home to point to actually is her earliest home, the place that she comes to. Dream of average old person arrives there often is scared feeling when coming home, because they fear,come home just about. And glacial heart however otherwise, the child that she just finished elementary school like is same, call rickshaw to want to come home. This kind but like that manner report gave her the manner with dead opposite very take things philosophically. Because she is in lifetime,the thing that does this has been done, face death so she just does not have a fear.
Death of the others in the dream can use facial expression of “ silent “ , “ the fashion show such as cadaverous “ .
Because the the dead is,won't talk.

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