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Can you get depressed disease easily?
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Consider to show, experience spouse and family member death, divorce, marriage is not perfect recently, fall ill, have masculine gender familial history etc is angst disease is easy have a factor. The female contracts angst disease more easily than the male.

Additional, a few special disposition tendency can make the person causes inherent psychological conflict to cause angst disease thereby after facing special psychological society pressure.

Pursuit perfect because this kind of person asks each thing that he does is apple-pie, put total energy on the thing so, from another angle character, have namely very strong have desire, control desire, in clinical go up to often say these people are had force the tendency. Go after ideal person overly to be when certain thing is half-baked, with respect to meeting generation quite strong misgivings feels, feel all over incorrect interest, so, no matter for love or money, he must the thing finishs now now, once encounter what trouble,did not meet nervous extremely. When if works together with others, if people is not done according to his standard, he also can feel feel as if sitting on a bed with needles. This kind of person often suffers from angst obstacle more easily.

This kind of person that has self-abased tendency often can have intense insecurity, some people believe state of achievement of feature of his appearance, body, eloquence, expression, school work, physical ability is inferior to a person everywhere, because be certain not doubt as a result this kind of idea is confirmed, when be together with others every time, this kind of idea flocks and go out, make its cannot be loosened will chat with others and interact, always feel oneself are inferior to a person everywhere. Some people are when the line of vision that feels others is cast, the muscle on the face can rise stiff immediately, mouth piece do not leave, connect throat to also can produce block move even. Beyond the mark and self-abased often easy development is gregarious angst obstacle.

Excessive him care this kind of person can turn angst into the tendency. These people are a center with ego normally, pay close attention to oneself healthy state very much. When him him discovery has any when body symptom, he will be very nervous and take all sorts of medical treatment action immediately. A few slight unwell, if have a headache, neck acid, bellyacke also can arouse their intense fear to serious illness, possible development becomes serious angst obstacle.

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