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The individual that treats division is experienced and recognize the influence t
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From psychology kinetic angle is told, a person before the summation of experience, through inside change a course, formed a person's distinctive complex and character, this kind experiences the complex that forms and human dignity around the individual, can be affected then and decide one the individual's motive, affection and action. In other words, before experience, it is to pass character, motive, affection, act a such chain, will affect present life. Psychotherapy division is not exceptional also. Just the influence of this kind of complex and character, the report in the with the person that call in relation that is generation of the place in the course that passes psychotherapy comes out.
Treat the individual of division to experience, the likelihood is the occupational that psychotherapy of psychotherapy division choice regards him as most prime cause. Broad sense ground is told, a person is mixed to the outer world the manner of other, it is a person the reflection of the manner to him heart world, perhaps say to be called projectile, so, help of “ of choose of a person selected and the psychotherapy division that save other ” regard a profession as itself of this one behavior, the likelihood is projectile the motive that gives a person to try to save his and desire. For instance, the originator of psychoanalysis psychotherapy Fuluoyide, as the exclusive boy in the home and cornstalk, because be in teenage period the forfeiture that experienced father, formed his distinctive Edi Pu Si complex. Overcome the desire of this kind of complex, through projecting outside mixing, be changed, it is him all one's life to struggle with respect to expression, found and develop psychotherapy, remove for others complex of Russian surname Pu Si. A case of famous flourish of psychotherapy Great Master, what be received for long to be bordering on spirit to break down is psychedelic twine with covet place, all sorts of shadows and prototype (? Here reader may understand not easily, whether can you make simple explanation? ) perplexing him ceaselessly, overcome and eliminate these “ devil ” , formed the complex of flourish case. These “ devil ” and complex, it is the primary motivation that Rong Gecheng is psychotherapy division likely, make flourish case develop a collective thereby involuntary, shadow and archetypal theory, going up objectively to also make other the patient that has similar complex from which benefit. Can say, fuluoyide and flourish case are two great patients above all, just be two great psychotherapy Great Masters next. Consequently, from psychology kinetic angle looks, psychotherapy of psychotherapy division choice is a profession, remove for others psychogenic disorder, it is to repair personal growth essentially the traumatic, continuance that undertakes ego is saved, projectile with sublimate. The individual of psychotherapy division needs, the likelihood is one individual choice psychotherapy serves as occupational the formerest the motivation first.
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