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Taste " psychoanalysis brief history " flavour - the 3rd chapter psychoanalysis
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Xigemengde. Fuluoyide (Sigmund Freud) was born in Moravia 1856 (the one part that is Czech republic now) Fulaibao village. His childhood later period and almost all and grown life are spent in Vienna. He is an enthusiastic Anglomania group public figure all the time, have deep love for English and literature, young when had considered immigrant for a time. When its arrive at London eventually, he is sufferring the torment with the swollen cancer that chin is worsening, its case is distress and dreariness. He rejects toughly to leave home, can deny no longer till danger go down, he lets friends try to help he and directly-related members of one's family -parents escaped 1938 in the international prestige of old age Nazi.

Fuluoyide suffers loot and book by burn down, before approval leaves Vienna, he is forced to sign on a piece of paper say he gets all the time give special treatment. He is signing by compensatory: ‘ I can recommend Gestapo ceremoniously everybody. ’ the enthusiasm that Fuluoyide never has been given him in London by Vienna. He is after a year, namely 1939 die, fortunately, he never knows 4 little sisters from the back: Luo Sha (Rosa) , Marie (Marie) , A Daofei (Adolphine) He Bolin (Pauline) died at concentration camp 1942.

When Fuluoyide dies, psychoanalysis already was become pervade global phenomenon. It besides it is a research and remedial method outside, a kind when still understand interior activity brand-new means. In Vienna, psychoanalysis only then at a person, reach the group that its form by its epigone later. Travel all over the world when it, the form that its take depends on already in place the special people that makes its develop, also rely on the culture of its root and development. Absurd is, nazi puts out this one ‘ hard the result of ’ of practice of abhorrent and Judaic style just made An Na. In the letter that Fuluoyide expresses in a not open hair [cite in Sitanna (Steiner) , the ‘ that 2000] place weighs a kind new-style migrate greatly (A New Kind Of Diaspora) the occurrence of ’ .

Put in a lot of good biographies about Fuluoyide and psychoanalysis [see, for example Jones (Jones) , 1964; Guy (Gay) , 1988; Robert (Robert) , 1966] . Referenced these data, this chapter lives those who be based on Fuluoyide history the introduction that to its the development of the thought makes an extensive sex. This chapter still will summarize different depth psychology to send is how Fuluoyide the different share of the thought serves as the jumping-off place that exhibits with Yu Jifa. Below one chapter will continue to read a few special forms that take in place of the psychoanalysis in different culture.

Fuluoyide arrives from “ cerebra ” the changeover of “ heart ”

From 19 centuries 80 time later period begins, fuluoyide concerns the discovery at the heart when working as doctor of private nerve family. Vienna is a stirring, creative city, a Fuluoyide is immersed in rightly deep the city of attaching. But this city class oppresses and anti-Jewish culture irritated he, make its suffer defeat. Fuluoyide examines those to arrive possibly today ceaselessly a family doctor there this kind of patient that refer; Those are to have the sweat from every pore sweat from every pore of body and mental disease and joyless people by wrong definition. Normally, these people are be regarded as what cannot be classified and cannot cure by more outstanding doctor, its action in chief is uncared-for patient. Fuluoyide pursues the profession related to the patient without the plan originally, his original interest is the laboratory research to the head. But he comes from an impoverished family, income of this kind of job and its are scanty, barely offers any professions to expand a scope. He hopes extremely can the fiancee Martha that the burden is the same as love 5 years. Bai Lei this (Martha Bernays) the charge that marry. During they are engaged at the beginning of 1880, he almost everyday love letter formed a man's fresh impression: His passion and the idea with exclusive envious, constant in a steady stream, proud while ego suspects, burst forth again, the humour of his satirize sex and ego observation (Self-observation) blazing ability.
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