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Taste " psychoanalysis brief history " flavour - the 3rd chapter psychoanalysis
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The notion that Fuluoyide is developing

Fuluoyide experienced a lot of changes and development in the psychoanalysis work that the thought influences 40 years in him. A lot of contradiction and not firm conclusion still exist, a lot of term still unsharpness or developed on the meaning, new theory pinned the old theory that abandons not completely. Although inchoate to its composing made the footnote later,correct and expand, substantially yearns for Fuluoyide too the ambiguous and anxious learner that the discovery with new expression does not have attend to with the viewpoint to be term to later or cock-a-hoop capture abhorrent commenter.

A lot of thoughts of Fuluoyide underwent time test, still was not revised or be trusted; Or of a few thoughts desertions thoroughly, or was done very overhaul changes. Read the Fuluoyide since a century, we must the basis is contemporary and hydraulic it is difficult to overcome a few languages with mechanical scientific point of view. To Fuluoyide the Siteleiji of composing is translated (Siteleiji, 1953-74) a few obstacles that also create English constituency, because the term of its with a few clumsiness pseudoscience replaces primitive De Wenzhong,produce the open mode term that recollect or associates more easily. Fuluoyide has wide interest and glow, he wrote some of case of illness to be like ‘ Du La (Dora) ’ (1905b) , ‘ rat person (Rat Man) ’ (1909a) , ‘ is small Hans (Little Hans) ’ (1909b) with ‘ werewolf (Wolf Man) ’ (1918) , also wrote a few psychology (Mind) with clinical technology theory, inspecting main drive process is how to use process of artistic, panel (Group Processes) , of myth and religious expression.

Fundamental to the heart job pattern has quite a few to develop a few years, he can find more and more the special viewpoint of the misrepresentation that be mixed by new material abuse, in the imagination him to new more complex peak is reached in elaborating bouncing demand. From 19 centuries 80 time till 1897, the first his mode is to cause the suffocate suffocate memory that must be released euqally as the purulent fluid in abscess and feeling sex traumatic simple mode. The 2nd mode is richer with complex deal in generalities, more key is put on the stuff that interior oneself can create. Fuluoyide just is not recorded and must not not cope with external event, he regards us as gradually get in-house and all primitive impulse and desire place drive, live in a somehow must payable abounds desire and airy world, so that we can be in real world,live and work.

Narrate like place of the 2nd chapter finally, psychology is schematic it is structural mode is built after that. Structural mode (Fuluoyide, 1923) in be in about ego and the viewpoint that exceed me concessional expression is opposite Fuluoyide in the thought individual the import that increasing the object that with respect to its with other relation itself quality and rather than regards drive force as to release only. This mark analyst calls and rather than of object relation theory lubberly the beginning of theory of simple drive power, the constitutional requirement that the object that changes drive to force mainly namely and we concern to happening with other, and rather than releases the requirement of tensional itself. Next we are in brains (Mind) the idea that there is serious another person in ability is taking main drive ending actively to produce an impact to it in the heart.
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