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Taste " psychoanalysis brief history " flavour - the 3rd chapter psychoanalysis
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Character of a few crucial histories

Should finish psychoanalysis brief history, we will be brief the figure of ‘ history ’ that mentions a few keys (a few still living) , they are mixed in century corner 20 centuries made important contribution between 80 time metaphase. Here is mentioned to make many people and its point of view in in more detail of this book other part. List is pressed be born to be arranged orderly. This has necessarily alternative, also the deflection development at be in England.

Sang De. Fei Lunqi (Sandor Ferenczi, 1873-1933)

Inchoate epigone, hungarian birth Fei Lunqi because he is well-known to analysing the test of bounds, he is in this record its are clinical inside the diary (see Dupont, 1995) . He is traumatic to the environment the action in the psychopathology is interested particularly.

Carl. Abraham (Karl Abraham, 1877-1925)

Founded the Abraham that Germanism analytics meets is a crackajack clinical observer, young when die namely. He is Mei Leni. The 2nd analyst of Kelaiyin, he is right primitive mental disease the observation of sexual spirit process (Abraham, 1924) further progress gets in her job.

Ernest. Jones (Ernest Jones, 1879-1958)

Found in London the welsh of psychoanalysis the formal biographer that Jones is Fuluoyide. He still is a friend and correspondent, help Fuluoyide always reach London safety place finally in life. Jones comes a few years is the main politician of British psychoanalysis. His scientific point of view begins to be the same as viewpoint difference of Fuluoyide, for example the viewpoint about female sexual desire, and be interested in Kelaiyin's viewpoint, encourage Clay to be in London because of settling.

Mei Leni. Clay because (Melanie Klein, 1882-1960)

Because Kelaiyin discovers Fuluoyide is inchoate work is invigorated, accept Feilunqi's analysis in Budapest above all, accept the analysis of Abraham in Berlin before coming to London 1928 after that. Resemble An Na. Fuluoyide is same (see below) , she includes a few very young children to work together with children directly. In working when adult of earlier analyst Chang Conghe, conclude when children cultural life, because Clay watchs disturbed children directly how game of have the aid of will convey their deepest fear and illusion (Hinshelwood, 1994) . She expanded in important facet Fuluoyide's discovery (include his point of view about dead drive force) . Her job is open to question, in 20 centuries 40 time cause the crisis with British can in-house depth psychology.

An Na. Fuluoyide (Anna Freud, 1885-1982)

An Na. Fuluoyide served as the person that take refugee to go to London together with father 1938. She already was groomed as teacher and psychoanalysis division, what differ with father is she has the children that has gotten an analysis. The contribution that she develops theory to analysing a gender comes from her already the theory to father especially the acceptance about mental structure theory, also come from her the direct experience to children. During the Second World War she built Chinese Mu Pu Si to error warlike child-care centre, use at because of the war break away from with the family and the children of rich innovation sex lives place, if put the emphasis in with any likelihoods means protection children is opposite parental attach and to him other stability kisses add a person. An Na. Fuluoyide and co-worker insist to be like social health care and practice of legal side effect and policy in domains of a lot of children health care. An Na. The skill that Fuluoyide uses detailed to children observation will groom the young co-worker that a few itself are the refugee, these observation already obtained live record (An Na. Fuluoyide, 1944) . 1947 she is same clinical organized pair of children psychoanalysis together with the research center groom, this center errors so that children treats course and clinic with Chinese Mu Pu Si (Hampstead Child Therapy Course And Clinic) and famous, after she dies rechristen is An Na. Fuluoyide the center continues to offer clinical work, research works and groom.
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