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Case of flourish of psychological Great Master encounters the analysis of ghost
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He still is in sleep to wake partly partly condition, the window of both sides is leaving, air is original very fresh, but spent half time probably, become abominable and unpleasant, it is the odour of stuffy making a person in the begining, become finally your person is sick, flourish case ponders it after all in the heart is what strange flavour, but do not want to give a the reason why however, what he thinks of exclusively is the odour that may be ” of disease of a kind of “ then. Abrupt between, he remembers a meet with that has looked before contracts open sex cancer (namely cancerous tumor is exposed at outside) old woman person. Pretty good, when the room that enters person of this old woman in order to advance, those who smell is this kind of odour.

The drop on the floor is underwater acoustic keep ringing

As a psychologist, flourish case thinks this is smell of a kind of “ psychedelic ” , but he wants not to appear right now smell psychedelic and what is there to concern between person of that old woman in those days. Finally, he is befuddled, can no more think, abrupt between, hear the voice of a water again, he thinks he forgot to close faucet, but there is faucet at all in this room, be pitter-patter? But weather is very good, cannot rain outside. Drop is then underwater acoustic it seems that very regular, make an appointment with every two seconds to drip.

Flourish case thinks again is the seeper in old a cupboard that also serves as a table, then exert oneself force gets up, burned a candle, open ambry to look carefully at, result well, there is water mark on the floor, the ceiling also is done not have slack, outside the window cloudless. But drop is underwater acoustic still keep ringing. Flourish case can affirm that sound comes from make an appointment with one 呎 from old a cupboard that also serves as a table on the floor of half, but whats are done not have above that, he extends a hand to go felt, abrupt between, drop is underwater acoustic disappeared, after this also appears no longer.

Till before dawn at 3 o'clock, horizon appear when the first dawn, he just is immersed in dark Morpheus in.

Have on wall brush brush sound, there is froufrou in the corner

Flourish case feels exceeding and vexed to this, but he did not mention to X doctor this matter. Next on the weekend, after the moil that passes a week, he already remembered no longer almost on the unpleasant experience of week, but when night go to bed, still produce same thing, and this much another kind of circumstance:

Have on wall brush brush sound, there is froufrou in the corner, and old furniture criterion screak, there is a kind of barpque uneasy mood inside house. Flourish case ignites the candle, all sound disappear immediately, but whiff extinguish candle, those sound and the taste that make a person disgusting appear again. The audition that flourish case feels this is oneself is psychedelic with smell psychedelic, what Dan Ji blames is, to before dawn at 3 o'clock, oriental occurrence the whitish color of a fish's belly-grey dawn when, it is normal that everything restored again.
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