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Case of flourish of psychological Great Master encounters the analysis of ghost
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Second evening, flourish case drank a bottle of beer, but circumstance still. Making what he indissolubles is, he tells class hour to sleep very well all along in London, why to go vacationing to be not gotten instead to this quiet countryside villa on the weekend quiet? And this villatic house advocate he also is known, do not have the thing of what hidden, his heart can say to be without care, but why can you appear again and again are these psychedelic?

The following day in the morning, he asks other the person in this pass the night, everybody says to sleep very well, what sound also is done not have.

In darkness, a dog runs to run in ground of the panic inside house

The 3rd late circumstance more flooey, flourish case hears very loud knock voice, and can feel in darkness, one resemble a dog only general big animal walks to run in ground of the panic inside the room. But like before, in before dawn when 3 o'clock, it is normal that everything restored again.

Next on the weekend, the circumstance acts more jump over intense, the froufrou in that corner becomes Bacchic voice, breathe out like windstorm breathe out make sound. And knock sound criterion seem somebody the frowsty sound that in door external use hammer knocks brick.

The 4th weekend, flourish case cannot help eventually, divulge to X doctor this villa is likely be haunted, chummage just is met in that way exceptionally cheap. X doctor is not to believe the ground pays Zhu Yixiao of course. Flourish case also notices, those two come the girl of this side commission, always leave hurriedly before in sunset, never do more here linger. Flourish case asks that cooking girl says jokingly, they are to fear certainly they these men, left at once before at nightfall so. She is laughing to say without what fine to gent concern.

What reason is “ so? ” flourish case asks. Girl answer says: Don't you know “ ? Because of this house be haunted, do not have a person to dare live, it is so cheap that so hire just is met. ” but how didn't this betweenmaid divulge the hearsay of be haunted is to come? Nevertheless, another girl criterion firm those who say what she says is true.

The head that bedside has person of an old woman magnify right eye is staring him

The 5th weekend, flourish case asks X doctor changes a room to him. In new room, flourish case at falling asleep when still hear that froufrou all the same, the of furniture reachs knock sound, he lies on the bed, feel to some kind of thing is standing by him, open an eye then, by the side of the pillow that discovers him awesomely, have the head of person of an old woman, move right eye is in magnify stare him, and her left half face is wanting from what all pay under the eye.

This one Jing is of great importance, flourish case comes from the start on the bed, burn a candle at once, the head of old woman person disappeared, but he already dare not sleep to the bed, and the night that lies on a piece of deck chair to spend remnant to fall.
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