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Case of flourish of psychological Great Master encounters the analysis of ghost
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The following day, he moves another room again, after this sleeps very well namely, produce event of aforementioned be haunted no longer. Flourish case tells X the doctor says, he believes firmly be haunted of this villatic meeting. The smile that X doctor just is bringing suspicion not dare agree without giving serious thought, this kind of manner offends angry flourish case, then flourish case states his health already was damaged because of these experience, he does not want to live again here, provoke to X doctor, if he does not believe, can a person sleeps to the room of that be haunted sleep look.

X doctor accepts flourish case provoke, promise him to meet report his information trustily to flourish case.

The footstep on corridor stops abruptly after the door

The following day in the morning, flourish case left. After 10 days, he receives a letter that X doctor sends. X doctor says, he spent one night alone in villa, very halcyon in the evening, but he does not have 2 buildings the bedchamber of that be haunted sleeps, because he feels this villa if really the word of be haunted, so ghost is appearing of somebody anyplace, taking canvas bed to sleep in the conservatory of first floor so, and still carrying a gun.

When night, exceptionally halcyon, when he is about to be asleep, hear suddenly there is footstep on the corridor that leads to 2 buildings, he gets up immediately twist the lamp in bright conservatory, open the door that leads to corridor farring away, but what thing also is done not have. His shrug, feel oneself resemble goofy, lie to the bed again, but over- before long, footstep rustle makes sound, making what he feels disturbed is the door that he discovers to corridor is led to in conservatory was not locked up unexpectedly, he moved one magnify chair to block after the door, return a bed to go up once more.

Before long, hear footstep again, that footstep is transmitted from corridor other one aspect of the matter, stop abruptly after the door next, the chair that holds off the door follows rustle to make sound, it seems that somebody is pushed in the across of the door. X doctor dare not sleep in conservatory again, move the bed the garden outside conservatory, just slept smooth and steadily shut-eye.

He says to flourish case, there is any on the world can again prevail on he sleeps in conservatory night, he already cancelled Na Dong's villatic lease ahead of schedule. Before long hind, flourish case hears of from X doctor office again, na Dong's villatic host already pulled down villa, because it sells,do not go out, nobody wants to hire.

Be when sleeping to wake partly partly psychedelic?

Flourish case is one of psychologist with 20 the most crackajack centuries, do not have a person to be able to suspect him the statement that to oneself “ receives ghost ” . If these experience are true, does that want how to explain? Basically, flourish case thinks those conscious experience are a kind to sleep to wake partly partly between psychedelic (Hypnagogic Hallucination) , but be not completely again it seems that psychedelic can explain, for example drop is underwater acoustic, he is wide-awake at that time, and microscope is pulled too, he thinks that is not unbalanced be caused by of the sense organ absolutely.
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