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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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Initiative interview develops brief history

Initiative interview is concept of a history. What develop in psychoanalysis is inchoate, do not have initiative interview this says. From the point of Fuluoyide's case, he himself is the 4-5 that begins in the analysis rarely second in undertake detailed medical history is collected, if the case of the rat person 1909 is medium, end till the first phase of cure, medical history is not more comprehensive still also. (Freud, 1909d, p. 158) . This is mysterious in contemporary initiative interview.

Psychoanalysis is inchoate using a kind of method is experiment analysis (Trial Analysis) . The main purpose that the experiment analyses is the method that whether assess patient has sufficient condition to accept psychoanalysis. The condition of this kind of psychoanalysis can be summed up for “ 4 have ”—— rich, have head of time, intentional a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, do not have disease to treat bad rate to the method of psychoanalysis again unhealthily.

Can imagine, after many patient was accepting an experiment to analyse, be to be judged to be what do not suit psychoanalysis, and psychoanalysis is method of only a kind of psychotherapy at that time, so these patients are couldn't get any help. (Fenichel 1930, p. 14)

The callous sex that the experiment analyses makes analyst people abandoned it finally. The content that the experiment analyses depends on the predecessor that it is initiative interview, this basically reflects the main purpose —— that analyses in the experiment to evaluate —— to remain the main purpose of initiative interview now.

After taking the place of 1950, the method that alienist of a lot of motivation begins to try a psychoanalysis and psycho method are united in wedlock, gradually a few structuralization or the interview method of half structuralization appear. A person that has main effect to the initiative interview of psychoanalysis is Balint. Balint thinks, the task of psychotherapy depends on analytic type, arouse “ patient development and the potential that maintain human relationship. ”(Balint And Balint 1961, p. 183) , he puts forward, the requirement of successful interview has: (1) to the interview person proper and sufficient introduction; (2) create and maintain a kind of appropriate atmosphere, let a patient can be opened adequately in this kind of atmosphere, in order to facilitate the doctor understands her. (3) the environmental element that creates about the person that the patient's allegation always should include an interview. (4) the idea that the analyst wants to to treating a concern future is pointed to. Specific cure plans to depend on the progress that whether can the analyst see the interview concerns beforehand, concern cure of translate into of this kind of relation. (5) for the novice to psychotherapy, the structured rate that carries an interview is very important, this can avoid an analyst to affect remedial flow because of the problem of oneself. (6) should adopt different interview method to different patient. Move instead affection can regard a kind of better diagnosis as the tool.
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