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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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And the Tavistock model that builds according to the theory of Balint remains a lot of practitioner up to now (especially heart body medicine) the academic frame that has initiative interview. Tavistock model puts forward, the problem of 3 big fields should note in initiative interview.

The first, the development that doctors and patients concerns

How does 1 patient treat a doctor? What change does this kind of manner of the patient have in the interview? Whether did this kind changes or the manner point out its behavior habit or the relation of its and disease?

How does Doctor 2. treat a patient? What change does this kind of manner have in the process of the interview?
Does Doctor A) pay close attention to the patient's problem?
What does Doctor B) feel she can think the patient is done?
C) although the patient has various drawback, does he like whether the doctor feels the patient has some of human nature characteristic?

The 2nd, the important hour in the interview

1. patient is stated startlingly or affection is revealed, e.g. the mouth by accident, be opposite especially the repulsion of special period or special character in her life.

2.What kind of explanation was offerred in interview process, the reaction that the patient explains to these how?

The 3rd, result and evaluate

How is 1 obstacle being behaved in the patient's life? (the symptom that discovers in listed interview, the place that has treated division to feel ambiguous and unidentified)

The meaning of 2 assumed symptoms, with spirit kinetic term is conveyed.

3 choices are treated
A) short distance is treated (the focus is treated) adaptability, reason
The opposition with potential B) the argument of afore-mentioned cure
C) the adaptability of psychoanalysis, reason
Any psychotherapy forms do not suit D) , reason
The remedial form that other possibility suits E)

Next 4. targets: Does capture  hold  Tao  to be troubled by ⒆ word scabbard to cut? into parts which symptom wants processing above all? How can semiotic cure affect other symptom to this? Consider remedial frequency and period of treatment.

Take the place of to 1970, the 2nd generation of the psycho initiative interview of psychoanalysis orientaton put forward structural sex interview on behalf of character Kernberg (Structural Interview) (1977, 1981) . The integrated sex that the initiative interview goal that he advances psychoanalysis depends on clarifying ego oneness (The Integration Of Ego Identity) or oneness is confused (Identity Diffusion) , the quality of assess defense mechanism, examine with reality ability. At the same time notable is, he emphasized the “ in initiative interview right now the importance of here ” . In the research to structural sex interview, kernberg became character structure branch 4 kinds, among them one kind is brim sex character (Borderline Personalities) , this is the main and academic achievement of his later period.
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