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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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In whole psychoanalysis initiative in the course that seeks progress, its interview technology affected each relevant domains such as treatment of psycho, phenomenological, humanism, behavior already, absorbed the achievement that comes from these domains again. Taking one with another, from psychoanalysis inchoate arrive contemporary, in the process that analyses initiative interview from the experiment, have the following change:

One, the purpose of the interview whether did the patient suit psychoanalysis to become by the doctor's one-way assessment evaluate patient condition, build remedial concern, aggrandizement to treat motive.

2, the structured rate of the interview increases gradually.

3, begin to pay attention to a doctor to use in interview technology move instead affection.

That is to say, the interview turns into by the pure adaptability that judges a patient and prognosis get used to patient character listed and individual the remedial plan that change, by became in order to treat a method for the center it is a center with the patient.

14. 6. The task of 2 initiative interviews

Initiative interview has 3 big jobs: Evaluate patient condition, build remedial concern, aggrandizement to treat motive.

Evaluating patient condition basically is to build the base that collecting medical history. Generally speaking, the medical history content that initiative interview should collect has:

1 general news: The another the individual's name that can contact below full name, address, abode, phone, emergency, age, sexual distinction, culture, nation, marriage, profession.

2 exteriors: Height, weight, dress, decorate, bearing

3 action in chief and show medical history: Symptom the first time the time that happen, the incident that accompanies at the same time, frequency that happen, idea when producing a symptom, experience, what is behavior, why to plant below the circumstance the most incidental (alleviate) , what incident is promoted problem happening, right what do the job and life have influence, how to solve before, result how, why Benciru sees a doctor.

4 go to already history: Manage toward mental Shi Hexin already remedial history, place of the person that treat period of treatment of type, cure, cure, cure, at that time result, why to end cure. Experience of be in hospital, time, place, medicaments (the form of a drug, dosage) , medicaments takes a case. Go to already does medical treatment history include to be born circumstance —— natural labor, be difficult to do? Whether to have palace inside embarrassed, asphyxial? The state of childhood development state of affairs, lactation, time that divide a bed, great pain medical history, operation history, allergy history.

5 bodies health: Treat with what the disease that health concerns, place accepts at present, last time check-up result, familial in great and healthy problem, at present situation of Morpheus, food, typical diet, exercise a circumstance.
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