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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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6 people Shi Hecheng is long history: Remember the earliest, 0-6 year old, 6-13 year old, 13-21 year old, 21-30 year old, misfortune of changes of 30 years old of the following memory, dream, illusion, study, profession, family. Life state, living condition, profession is mixed now economic atmosphere, concern with other, hobby, devotional.

7 familial, marriage history: Domestic population, age, profession. Parents: With (father) the mother concerns, (father) the means that the mother is rewarded and punishs, wait to oneself expectation. Whether be mistreated. With the mother (father) getting along in person is typical activity. The relation between parents. The changes of domestic go-between mouth, address. Is the seniority of brotherly sister, where mixed the person that seek advice which is the most similar, similar least of all? Which most suffer bestow favor on, which suffer least of all bestow favor on, get along with which the most harmonious, which harmonious least of all. Two departments medical history of the spirit inside 3 generation. Amative frequency reachs a process, marital status (when to marry, spouse concern) , the child's age, concern with the child. The circumstance of the person that often interact. Other

8 sexes history: First time sex is experienced, now sexual life, masturbate, coital circumstance, to sexual manner, menstrual history (female) ,

With domestic member sex contact, sex is mistreated.

Above information can be dispersedly in the interview ground of key having side is collected. But basically have rarely can gather all information inside initiative interview complete.

Information is collected after finishing, want the information to be being collected to make evaluate. What should make above all is to diagnose learned assessment, the assessment that uses commonly the system has DSM, ICD, CCMD. If be psychology the treats division word of kinetic tendency, make the assessment with kinetic psychology even, the assessment that can use system relatively of the standard OPD(sees this book is other and paragraphic) , also can undertake simple assessment, be like the word with insufficient data, can undertake assessment with respect to mechanism of ego function, defense, individual resource, below the circumstance with enough data, can form the job to assume, include ego function, character structure state, development in installment each phase problem, presumable scar, mechanism of commonly used defense, move affection - move instead affection type, impedance type, cure mode of relation of affined, object is waited a moment.

The skill that establishs remedial relationship and method same sex of each old school hasten is very tall now, carl E. Scheidt puts forward, the method that remedial relationship establishs in kinetic cure has: (1) transparency (Transparency) :  of buttock of principle columns of a hall of Lv of neon of Bao of  of dainty rapid quarrel cuts? of bluff of hurry  an ancient drinking vessel into parts) participate in feeling: (Participation) : Carbylamine of Wo of appearance ∪ twinkling sends mansion # ? ) indifferent (Neutrality) : Do not want the inherent conflict of patient of be involved in and human conflict. (4) patient (Tolerance) : Mail exemplarying ∪ says mother Wu thinks of? of # of big pool idle) agreement (Engagement) : Agree cure is for the patient's personal growth.
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