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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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Aggrandizement cure motive reflects in kinetic cure for: (1) exploration and the expectation that evaluate the patient related the interview and intent, turn especially the setting of examine, the someone else of be involved in; (2) exploration patient is right the idea of their oneself problem; (3) undertake not prematurely explanatory to potential conflict; (4) build favorable treatment affined.

14. 6. 3 interviews process

Generally speaking, initiative interview can last 1-4 second, every time 50 minutes, every time the interview can be divided for 4 phase.

The first phase is introductory phase. After remedial division and patient introduce briefly each other, remedial division can tell a patient to will ask him a few questions. The setting that division of this phase cure needs to make it clear that the patient sees a doctor (exploration treats motive) with the likelihood the tripartite of be involved in (basically be a family) . The transparency body of this phase wants to introduce remedial purpose and setting in remedial division now. If treat division to be able to say: “ we this the interview can last one hour, if time is insufficient, we can arrange an interview again. We should try to understand is what kind of problem come here your belt. Not be cure this begin, but we can discover that kind of cure can help you hard. ” (Scheidt, 2003) .

The 2nd phase is exploration phase, call patient level again. After exploring remedial motive, remedial division should allow a patient to be talked about freely produced what thing. Undertake disturbing rarely, unless be now and then dot,the head understands with expressing. Can encourage the word that he has said patient repeat occasionally. Treating the technology that division basically uses in this phase is to listen attentively to. the remedial division to kinetic tendency, when listening attentively to besides the former word that notices a patient, notice how the patient is conveyed even, have what kind of sentiment, the event that produce reachs follow-up incident, the patient thinks the meaning of these incident how, the accuracy of real sense and by ill-natured degree, communication ability of the patient, the forfeiture of object, the forfeiture of love, castrate angst, exceed my state to wait. The main defense mechanism that remedial division should notice to observe a patient, should notice utterance and the expression that are not utterance at the same time. This is the phase of an ill factitious dominant. (Yuan, 2002)

The 3rd phase, analyst phase. In this phase, the analyst can ask a few questions, some problems can involve the field that to the likelihood under cover conflicts. This phase can expand the patient's eye shot, obtain the information of more symptoms, and concerned family history, the information such as medical history of working state, human relation, spirit. The process is here medium, the analyst forms remedial hypothesis and abecedarian to diagnose. (Yuan, 2002)
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