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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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The 4th phase, the interview ends phase. Interview end should plan enough time. In the end level cure division should sum up the theme of this second interview and content, express the feeling of problems of pair of the person that seek advice and view appropriately, arrangement renews the contract etc.

From the point of the process of whole and initiative interview, of initiative interview inchoate the goal that should achieve is to once saw a doctor setting and likelihood the tripartite of be involved in. Medium-term is main the setting that the task is explanatory cure (collect fees, period of treatment, frequency, confidential sex and restricted) , remedial process, assessment purpose. The task of later period basically is the understanding of division of cure of summary, feedback, arrange next time interview, or discuss other remedial plans. (Scheidt, 2003)

Bisect analyse type for psychotherapy abecedarian, should notice a bit, associate freely namely can be being regarded is technology of a kind of cure, but the person that tell in order to explain the way of the setting to seek advice (actually, freedom associates since technology also is a setting) , remedial division is OK so say: “ is in cure a thing that you still need to accomplish is, any is in in your brains occurrence idea, affection, illusion, do not add think, do not add judgement, speak out instantly. ”

14. 6. The 3 other issues that concern initiative interview

6. 3. Interview of 1 open mode and enclosed interview

In open mode interview, the problem that treats division and interpose are opposite for relatively free, flexibility is very big. Of course, this kind of free rate wants those who consider a patient to bear degree. In whole cure process, structured degree is inferior. The interview of inchoate psychoanalysis and to psychoanalysis recieve training person the interview is open commonly.

And enclosed the problem of the interview has beforehand commonly roughly set. Remedial division won't alter casually. Use questionnaire to undertake an interview even occasionally. Complete enclosed the interview is used at the beginning at scientific research interview and diagnostic sex interview. Structured rate of cure is very high. Of the interview that short distance treats close rate is average taller.

Total now trend is, of initiative interview close rate is a few higher, undertake as cure, the interview is opened gradually, treat proceed with from short distance, necessary moment cuts the pattern of cure length Cheng, to abecedarian, this are given priority to especially should. Although mix,other treatment is compared for, the majority analyses pattern psychotherapy is long-range.

6. 3. The tripartite in 2 cure

Some moment patient will see a doctor, and examine cost is not however by him patient burden. These burden patients seek advice from the person of cost and orgnaization to be called to treat medium tripartite. Those who assume tripartite role is the patient's family member and insurance company commonly. Because our country is major now really psychotherapy has not brought into insurance system, reason discusses the concern of division of the cure in initiative interview and patient family member only here.
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