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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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In Fuluoyide's times, him Fuluoyide is to once was mixed of family member meeting of the patient, if be in the case of Du La and werewolf. But after Fuluoyide sums up experience to teach a lesson, warn an analyst, must not bring into the family member remedial system. He once encouraged the work that gets analyst to read him himself, the family member understanding that thinks to allow a patient however and the book that read psychoanalysis (even if is popular science) it is very unwise. This meeting brings what build up belongs to pair of psychoanalysis to object. (Freud1912e, p. Fuluoyide speaks of 120) , the cure of psychoanalysis needs the proper condition that does not accept interference like surgical operation, unthinkable, when the surgeon is becoming an operation, a flock of patient family members stand below shadowless lamp, every measure of adversary art asks all sorts of questions, make carding comments, gesticulate, this is very dangerous (Freud, 1916/17, p.459) .

Fuluoyide's experience is very reasonable, this is to be based on 3 already by the family kinetic with the fact that sorts tone to learn to study a proof (Kohl, 1962, bolk-Weischedel, 1978) : 1 patient is in remedial process, the patient's life can be changed, and the family member's life can be changed likewise; 2 if the patient's family member finds the word besides cure be been in by repulsion, so their or is met a remedial division is Utopian, or can be full of distrust to treating division. The family member of 3 a lot of patients, especially the family member of the patient of heavy-duty mental disease and character obstacle, oneself also have psychogenic disorder.

The brings into remedial system to be able to cause disorder and cure difficult —— that although not,the experience —— of heart of Yi of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces belongs to patient home but Fuluoyide did not see other issues.

Above all, treat division home remedy to face patient family member refuse and won't give up the family member is right the illusion that treats division, contrary, may the distrust of aggrandizement family member feels and Utopian, for the patient that pays fee to the family member especially, the family member may recollect various circuitous means to affect remedial process and result.

Next, the patient is in the process that analyses cure, if move,affection and impedance cannot get writing the word that understand in time. The patient can be abided by in forcing sexual reduplicative principle to concern in border of day ordinary person (advocate if the family is medium) convey him move affection mode. The patient treats the substitute of division to put into practice subconscious desire through regarding the family member as, avoided to repair the type conflict that connects him in treating a concern thereby. Treat a process finally or got block up.

The 3rd, the analysis treats what cause a patient necessarily to retreat row, if receive the sentence of the family member's aggrandizement,this kind declines a mode. The ego function that will be a patient is damaged.
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