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Psychoanalysis sex psychotherapy- - initiative interview
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The mode of contemporary psychoanalysis is so medium, be in necessary when still can see patient family member about, generally speaking, following case can see a family member about: (1) the requirement that stems from him patient and / or the family member's requirement; (2) remedial him division feels to be necessary to undertake to the family member a few simple mental health are taught; (3) special remedial situation, if the patient has major body case (the electrolyte of the person that be like anorexia disease is disorder) , the patient has heavy-duty character obstacle to need domestic treatment, medicaments or alcohol depend on need means of amalgamative and other treatment.

Making an appointment with see a family member especially when the family member pays the circumstance of cost, remedial division should notice expression understands their susceptive a variety of burdens, the process that brief specification treats and the situation that produce possibly, but cannot divulge material remedial information. If detect to be pointed to by what the family treats,discover him family member to have the intention that enters individual psychotherapy, should suggest to turn examine.

A few kinds of cases must see a family member about below, the requirement that this since treats, it is the legal obligation that remedial division must fulfil as the citizen more, the confidential principle that treats at that time should break ——

(1) the crisis circumstance of the illness. The possibility of the behavior that is like the suicide or homicide and when the patient has begun to prepare, the patient's illness needs instantly when be in hospital.

(2) is put in children or the old person is being sufferred mistreat or the condition that the gender violates, if mistreat or the gender is encroached come from a family member, remedial division needs to report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism.

(3) the patient has great " contagion law " the regulation wants the patient's condition that appear in the newspaper and conceal do not announce the correct time, except see a family member about, still need to be informed against to concerned branch.

(4) the patient suffers from major drive disease when losing responsibility ability.

And children, teenage cure is to need a family member to participate in commonly, this times in Fuluoyide is such, the family member can remove auxiliary ego (Auxiliary Ego) action (Freud 1909d, p.175) .

14. 6. 4 epilogue

Learning what initiative interview notices even is, can suit all phyletic patients without structure of a kind of interview. E.g. , the patient that intervenes to needing the crisis is afore-mentioned the interview of half structure style does not suit apparently. Up to now, the practice of initiative interview and academic research still are undertaking. the state with respect to China's current psychotherapy, studying initiative interview deep, meticulously perhaps is have 100 interest and do not have what kill.
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