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Case of flourish of psychological Great Master encounters the analysis of ghost
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A rent is low and attractive old villa

The father Rong Ke that analyses psychology (C.G.Jung) having strong interest to all sorts of clever surprise appearances. His individual has had “ to encounter the experience of ghost ” namely, the thing is such:

Spring 1919, flourish case should of X doctor invite, head for London to discourse on an academic subject, x doctor for the do the honours of, special a villa was hired in country. The first after flourish case begins lecture Friday in the evening, two people arrive at this villa, flourish case discovers it is around the most attractive old farmhouse. X doctor says to be able to hire this villa pure belong to luck, be rented already because of the summertime villa around one sky, remain this one only, and the price is exceptionally low. X doctor sought a cooking woman from adjacent village, this amah has a cummer, can help automatically afternoon.

This villa is a two layer buildings, have a lot of rooms, submit L form build thing, first floor has a hot house that leads to a garden, and sitting room, kitchen, dining-room. Have the corridor that leads to 2 buildings from conservatory, the bedchamber of flourish case with respect to upstair, the room is quite big, before half when took side side almost. The thing inside the room two to have a window, northern part has fireplace, the bed is the Zun Fang that is placed after the door, right is almirah and desk, there is a very big and old a cupboard that also serves as a table on fireplace, the interspersion inside the room is worn a few pieces of chairs. The both sides of corridor has a bedroom each, the guest that calls in for X doctor and other is used.

The late night smells a smell that does not say what going out is

In villatic the first evening, because work a few days ago the relation of overworked, flourish case enters Hei Tian's dreamland very quickly. The following day, he and X doctor everywhere amuse oneself, feel tired in the evening, at 11 o'clock with respect to go to bed, but sleep all the time however bad, befuddled sleep to wake partly partly, and limbs becomes it seems that coma, this kind feels Rangrongge is very uncomfortable, do not listen to handle because of the body, cannot move.

Next, he smells a stuffy, afflictive, but the smell that does not say what going out is again, he thinks he forgot to open a window before sleep, rise constrainedly so, burned a candle. But the window that he discovers both sides is leaving, cool wind Xu comes, be mingled with is worn inside the flower of filar silk is sweet, a moment ago strange flavour already disappeared into thin air. Subsequently, flourish case is in all the time sleep to wake partly partly condition, catch a glimpse of till him after the first spoken parts in an opera before the dawn outside window of the eastern side is smooth, in just be immersed in dark Morpheus, awaking already was in the morning at 9 o'clock.

On Sunday in the evening, flourish case tells X the doctor says his yesterday evening sleeps very badly, x doctor suggests he drinks bottle of beer. Be over in 暍 after beer, flourish case returns bedchamber, but similar case happens once more:
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