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Case of flourish of psychological Great Master encounters the analysis of ghost
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As to the of the froufrou of the corner and furniture, perhaps be not the sound that exists objectively, however the sound inside his ear, because manage the position with similar and hypnotic silt, and be magnified and unreal changes explicit sound. He also cannot be sure whether those knock sound are objective existence, they may be him heartbeat sound is explicit change.

Anyhow, flourish case thinks, his number in the insomnia in villa is late, the body is in coma condition because of exhaustion, but the heart however excited because of fear, this kind of fear catchs a glimpse of till finally pillow when the head of person of that old woman, just enter recognizant level completely and provide an elephant to change, the memory that the head of person of that old woman perhaps is the old woman that that meet with that he had seen in the past has cancer recombines.

As to smell disgusting the smell of strange flavour is psychedelic, flourish case thinks he is in that long ambulate in the bedchamber that nobody live, aroused the certain thing on wall, and “ feels to have a dog panic land the intuition that circuitous inside house ” is representing him, if the person's smell can be acute like the dog, he can thing of smell out other, and the person that crosses this room to living before has a clearer idea.

Be subconscious perverse to smell stimulate associate?

Flourish division says, primitive witch doctor not only can ” of “ smell out who is thief, and there can be spirit over there ” of “ smell out. But in the process in evolution, the person's smell degrades gradually, smell is exciting nevertheless still consist in is explicit in the environment, it is human “ does not hear ” only or although “ was heard but cannot enter recognizant level ” however, and ferment in subconscious level only, arouse.

To this, flourish case ever was mentioned a professor is in country goes edge chat with student edge on trail, talking about between, this professor remembers the scene that childhood lives suddenly, he feels to the idea of this arise suddenly indissoluble, find demand carefully, just smell the around taste that has the family that raise goose, and his childhood times is in what the country that has the taste that raise goose spends namely. Resemble such, the odour of goose did not enter recognizant level, but aroused him to be opposite however of childhood past associate.

Flourish division still says ﹕ has the play tricks behind sb's back in story of a lot of ghost, appear in the room that has produced murder record before. A case says, the dog smells below the carpet of room of a be haunted the odour of person blood, and detailed analyse looks, still have above that but the bloodstain of differentiate. If smell is such the dog of acumen, also have the mankind to abound the word of imagination, a variety of likelihoods that the likelihood meets 牠 consider this one offense in the copy in the heart scene. And subconscious heart of the mankind, have than recognizant heart more the consciousness of acumen and associate ability, it is opposite possibly also the faint clew that stimulates it produces a variety of associating, and catch for recognizant place with similar and psychedelic picture.
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