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Listen to Fuluoyide to say before 100 years
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Ask oneself first, what does Fuluoyide mean after all to us?

Everybody has subconscious

Fuluoyide is the father of contemporary psychotherapy. His one large contribution, announced to exist subconsciously namely. This one theory affected psychology not only, affected extensively also artistic, linguistics, philosophy, pedagogic and the film. And a understand is subconscious main road, it is a dream. In the film " Edward doctor " in, the dream that Dali makes is artistic to this illuminate. At this late hour, shi Meng still is the method of a kind of psychoanalysis.

Does everybody have subconscious? A psychologist that works in Africa bias of culture of medium-term of the century on such descriptions: “ allegedly Moroccan person cannot by psychoanalysis, do not have because of them subconscious! ” listens now coming already was laughingstock. Nowadays, subconscious existence already was accepted extensively by the public. Discuss subconscious the one part that already made modern culture, produced psychotherapy division a such industries.

Freedom associates ─ ─ language is OK cure injury

The mystical force that Fuluoyide's meaning still depended on him discovering a language -- the language is OK cure injury. He created ” of idea of “ free couplet, allow a patient loosening condition to fall, freedom says to take up the post of the content that why associates, what be no matter. The language freedom of the person that when cure division can let call in flows when dripping, curative effect also is in imperceptible medium happening. Fuluoyide can accomplish this a little bit to his male patient, although the patient is stated content is to him Fuluoyide the daughter's sex is imagined, he also can be listened attentively to indifferently. But the confine as a result of oneself, he is accomplished hard to female patient, he appears more the theory that is eager to perfecting oneself, and rather than listens attentively to the other side. Listen attentively to actively, perhaps looking is simple “ only yes ” , but the accomplishment that those who reflect is remedial division. This also is to discern the important reference that treats division level.

Sex instinct

The gender is theme of a core. Have powerful dynamic sex instinct, a kind of when in regarding a person as nature, fight relatively with society and culture raw power, form the core of person heart world. This is his deep place, also common of because of this Jing world be astonished.

In modern society, the sex of the times depresses Fuluoyide already was not main problem, but all sorts of new trends and new issue also emerge in endlessly -- the diversity that somebody goes after a gender, some is pained for frigidity, return some to go after pure affection. Want to understand modern, need understands the effect of sex instinct below present circumstance. The expert thinks, the gender has been happy delegate no longer, make the way that modern takes oneself to the shadow however, represent us to be longed for to what admit, and the compensation to real worry.
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