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Listen to Fuluoyide to say before 100 years
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Arrive from the adult children

People ever thought children is pure and immaculate, heart of Dan Fuluo Yi advanced the idea such as Oedipus complex, Electra complex not only, when still analysing a patient, the depression of period of their childhood of pathogeny restrospect to, scar. We this ability realises, original children also has a rich psychological world. Entered the field of vision of psychologist from this to the research of children and cure.

Because children does not suit adult psychoanalysis method, the scholastic development later gives game treatment, come through game with children subconscious communicate. Remedial division knows inner world of the child through game, undertake active intervention, the help bears the child of the worry. Can change into joy in angst of game lieutenant general when children, with respect to the scar that can stroke smooth heart, win the heart grow.

From “ disease ” arrives “ person”

How look upon psychoanalysis? Is it scientific? Authentic? Is the canal used? In traditional medical treatment pattern, examine means of a kind of cure seems to examine drug is same, the person of kimono medicine has nothing to do, the person is ignored. We cannot understand psychoanalysis completely with medical treatment mode, because crucial is not method, technology, treat division and the human concern between the person that call in however.

Consider to discover, medicine uses a word reduce the increase that reachs figurative sex term, related to remedial success. May understand so, good remedial division is not glibly term, the deepest thing, also be the most amiable actually.

The contribution that this is Fuluoyide -- from “ disease our attention ” is drawn to “ person ” , the talent is essential.

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