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About the wonderful debate of human psychology phenomenon
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1955, the most influential when two worlds psychologist ascends the psychology that holds in Chicago to learn the dais of annual meeting to undertake arguing, the member that the psychology of complete United States that attends plenary meeting learns is silent. Return as a psychological worker can does desiderate compare inspect and learn each other's work grand meeting of this one history more things?
In the Er of one border checkpoint of dais? Roger this of the sort of phenomenon that elaborated understanding mankind, subjective method, he alleges what master motive at the back of human behavior is implementation incline to. Roger this still elaborated individual endowment goodness, the person's freedom is this one belief that comes from interior. Of the sort of behavior creed that in the across of dais Sijinna elaborated understanding mankind, objective method. Si Jinna still elaborated an individual to become what kind of person explain according to the chance of environmental aggrandizement action, is not immanent and inherent implementation incline to. This one forum is for the debate of large-scale academic viewpoint setting. But the result that produces actually has smell of gunpowder rarely however, in fact, perhaps the difference between two people and consistent place are as much.

Accept of Si Hesi gold identifies Roger consistently to attempt from beginning to end for the mankind the understanding, action that forecast and dominates the mankind. The ability respect that they agree with to behavior science is forecasted in development and dominate human action obtains very great progress. They clarified the obligation that scientific to behavior future develops their place agree to carry.

The difference with one is in the most significant between Jin Na of Roger Si Hesi is to depend on the viewpoint of culture engineering going up. Si Jinna thinks to ought to use action management to design more effective contented mankind the culture of all sorts of need. And Roger this think this viewpoint produced following issue however: Who is controlled? Who carries out control? The control of executive what type? Among them the most important is, what result or what end should get? Or in what value pursueing does applying control come?

Collect the pattern that Jiesidi gives a kind to emphasize realizing trend and creativity. His proposal applies all sorts of principles that advance in behavior science to creation all sorts of can be released and promote the mankind on the condition of underlying strength, is not to be used at from exterior the behavior that will control the mankind.

On still is decided this one controversial issue that in Roger another between accept of Si Hesi gold significant difference depends on human behavior is freedom. Si Jinna holds to human behavior is decided by the chance of action of the aggrandizement in the environment. However, roger Si Jian is held think, the existence that the mankind chooses nots allow to deny. He agrees with science ought to with deterministic for hypothesis, but this also ought not to be the same as a physical ability to have responsibility ground to undertake choosing quite anyhow afoul.
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