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About the wonderful debate of human psychology phenomenon
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Roger this think, “ examines when what behavior accepts science when, it had better understand really for of foregoing causal decisions. This is a great scientific fact. But, responsible individual choice is the mainest essential factor that serves as an individual it is the core experience in psychotherapy, it is consist in before any scientific effort, because this kind of choice is in our lifetime,be a kind of likewise great fact. Deny this kind of responsibility to weigh the experience of general election choose, to me, seem the possibility that wants negative behavior science shortsighted in that way. In our experience, two substantial that these two kinds are mutual contradiction it seems that perhaps are just like the wave theory in be in contradiction and atomic theory to have same sense in that way, their both sides shows the truth, although they are antipathic. We cannot deny our subjective life on utility, also cannot deny the objective description of this kind of life likewise. ”

I am treating “ practice is counteracted make friend the actuality that the experience in the group makes me impossible to deny the mankind to choose and importance. To me, mankind of in a sense is the architect of his individual, because look in me,this is not a kind of illusion, humanism method is exclusive first-rate method. However, to everybody, what abide by acts according to is he thinks the most satisfied journey -- or be behavior creed, or the ” that is humanism.

Si Jinna insists to think he and Roger this agonistic and main it is to be on the method, because they think,be basic and identical on the problem of person of look upon future. “ everything is methodological problem. That is I block Er together? Roger this argumentative crucial point; My hope to people and Roger this agree basically to the hope of people. I hope people is independent, always always sufferring person instruction to ought to do those correct businesses because of them, so, the independence that I stress is to show people is needless suffer others instruction when to be done, or what to do. We are consistent on the purpose; Our everybody hopes people is avoided suffer other to control -- avoid the education that gets their place to control, with making he can get benefit from inside education and do not suffer its to baffle, wait ” a moment so.

A change that Roger Si Fei often hopes to see our society is medium is to produce a better system of education. He also hopes to see one kind gives student “ the system of freedom study ” very much, is not authoritative character is passed to fill in knowledge forcedly to them in the learning environment that a kind of height organized. Different learning environment is caused those who differ is individual, when choosing how to teach so, we are deciding we want the sort of conceivable desirable person.

Roger this say: “We know how to be affected according to a lot of significant means, portray behavior and character. We choose effectively: It is to build development those recipient influences with “ our ” thinks well-advised means acts, get a suggestion easily, without the individual condition of definite idea, still build those who develop those development, those who have adaptability, free-standing, thinking is active, the condition with ego individual valued. Just about from the back this kind of person, may use the wisdom that he has and the comprehension to human viewpoint of value apply science and behavior science freely to gift quite his vast power. I believe, the challenge ” that the controversial issue that how makes a choice in this respect will continue to become the education that did not come to us and whole culture.
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