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Psychology considers to discover: The first impression is established through be
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Spanish expert thinks, people is right in daily intercourse the first impression of other basically comes from the blame such as movement, attitude, outside, look and expression oral language.
Spain " the pioneer signs up for " reported recently, according to Madrid aperture general psychology of Lu ridgepole university teachs Maria the research of · A Weiya, with the person the first time when chatting, be not oral language to be able to be offerred 60% to the information of 70% .
Get the social famous person that see to having a predestined relationship, most person also can arise or good or bad the first impression, influencing factor includes the assessment of their appearance and media to its public image. In addition, the woman is more perceptual than the man, so easier first impressions are strongest; The man is opposite more rational, there is an advantage in long-term insight respect.
The first impression for better for worse very difficult efface, accordingly the first time meet not to have good intercourse capacity normally with respect to not congenial person.
So, what kind of bearing can leave bad the first impression to the person? A Weiya points out, the first time meet to relate private life or individual problem, sow discord or critical other, talk about oneself only, too lively or very joking, bearing is obtrusive and rash, oneself harangue not to give the other side talking chance however, think oneself forever justifiable or supercilious, meet a person to leave bad impression.
How to leave good the first impression? A Weiya says, this need has clear ego knowledge, ego meditates and can correct in time, the expression that notices oneself for instance whether inflexible, smile is offensive; Notice oneself figure and individual sanitation; When chatting, keep silence appropriately or change talking dialect; The collective topic that seeks oneself and the other side. In addition, the ability of active talk atmosphere is very important, because a lot of people come by intuition,judge conversational object to whether be worth associate with.
This expert emphasizes finally, do not have a person to be able to leave good impression to everybody, accordingly, the most important is time of the cost that fasten billow, want the person that knows those is worth that interact.

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