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The man is married 80 hind the girl will surely do 10 things
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1. takes a chef testimony
80 hind the girl is major coddle since childhood, can't well cook, and had not wanted to want to cook for husband every day at all. Marry 80 hind before the girl, the man should take a chef testimony to technical school, or, will have the possibility that is rested.

Marry 80 hind the girl but bad to serve

2. endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task

The 80 girls after are especially capricious, still become the divine result of ” of put up with of put up with of “ submit to humiliation without practice, disposition is extremely big. It is so in daily life, the man should drill another kind of skill regards him as namely a door plank or an ox, every time when she becomes angry, should play musical instrument to you only with respect to everything is just fine.

3. Laborious housekeeping

Because the 80 girls after are born in auspicious times, farm is of course need not, had attended a college for the most part, sit before computer, the occasion of affliction of it doesn't matter comes training their volition, dull time is much, have an insatiable desire for a bit mostly so play, picture grow not old girl forever. So the man wants can laborious keep house, become Mom again when husband already.

4. Drama seeing Han and exceed female

80 hind the girl is corrupt play, love watchs TV. Watch TV what do they like to look most? It is Han of course drama and exceed female fast male. Place erupts with contending for battle to avoid needless remote controller, the man is best the romance that can learn to enjoy Han theatrical work and exceed female fast male stimulation.

5. Online stimulation

Be born in E times, with age the boy is no problem of course, but if be the men of the uncle generation of 669 time, that must want to remind. They normally besides make money, other what new pattern won't play, such meetings let girls feel their antediluvian. Antediluvian also stopped, but you but must not prevent them. Or have frame made a noise. Want to know they would rather do not have a man to also cannot do not have a network. So, the man of uncle class, if want to marry the 80 girls after, must learn to get online.

6. Drink with skip enlighten

The 80 girls after get online besides love, watch TV, it is bubble bar and ballroom. Must learn to drink as the man beside them so with skip enlighten. Present girl capacity for liquor but not small, one not careful man is met disastrous defeat. Wine is drunk, enlighten had skipped, you are returned so that can sing K to make a few voice. Or, they can feel you are bored. The most important, you must compare her to be able to be drunk more can jump to be able to be sung more more, or tired drunk, who carries them on the back to come home?

7. Do not think early add burning incense
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