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The man is married 80 hind the girl will surely do 10 things
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The 80 girls after are very yearning free, special be overcome of marriage manacle, do not want to marry to give the child more was born. Be in so aside parental adult and husband are anxious but unable to do anything only. Also do not have method urgently nevertheless, by move she. Or force urgent do not want to let her be born to you forever, because she is met,be frightened to run. So the man beside them must have patience, persuade slowly, with Rou Kegang.

8. Can do peacemaker

The 80 girls after cannot be upset by unkindness especially, and straighter, cannot bear the sight of what ancestors leaves to have bit of backward thought and thing, so between wife and mother, between neighborhood, they go continuously via regular meeting continuously, what says, become oneself completely the home is same, so all round and the relationship of domestic interior can appear a crisis accordingly. The man beside them must understand their disposition, it is as far as possible in contradiction do a job with skill and ease, appropriative peacemaker.

9. Idolatrous star

The 80 girls after like idolatrous star, and some doing it mad, to see the concert of a Zhou Jielun, they are likely at any time one foot kick you, carry on the arm a bag go out to drive in front of. So as the man beside them, you have to be used to this kind of sudden incident, and suit admire. Be in as far as possible when Zhou Jielun comes next time, rush together go out go the spot. You but must not get angry, should learn to put long term angle big fish.

10. The most important —— makes money

Anyhow, the 80 girls after are a flock of meet especially enjoyment of consumption, meeting and the group that advocates to have times feature freely, the formation of all these individual character, it is to build in developmental of corporeal society height. Develop in height of a material so, 80 hind the girl advocates highly again the time of free, enjoyment, regard them as the man beside, must meet make money. Or, you can pass very tiredly, die very uglily!

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