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Man woman of 9 attitude conquer
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6. Be kind to the pet of the other side
Female people feels, the man moral nature that likes puppy is kind-hearted, can take care of good pet, affirmation also can have taken care of his family. If you do not like puppy really, but you also are not behaved too apparently, can tell her with the kind with mild mild and indirect, you are accepted more easily to the reason of hair allergy and so on.

7. Want to have athletic interest
Have the man that some kind of motion likes, find the outlet of the mood more easily, you let her feel is with the zestful in a heart the man is together, can make her confident to the life. I think, neither one woman likes and love to drink only the man that abreact lives together all the day.

8. Letting her feel to pour out to you is safe
If a woman is communicated frankly and sincerely with you, explain you are having proper place in her heart. But you had better be known when should talk, when should shut up. Do not fear to convey, can share your feeling and opinion with her appropriately, such her meetings feel you are to stand in her here, the heart is met more rely on you. Want to let her believe firmly, you won't express an inner opinion because of her and mock her.

9. Make clear the dividing line of Hunan and female friend
No matter men and women, should have oneself friend circle, but playing ambiguous man is to let a woman abhor most for certain. If you feel embarrassed to other woman,refuse, so, sooner or later she can reject you regrettablly none. Saying is vanity it may not be a bad idea, do not have safe feeling, anyhow, among the line of sight that they hope their man can appear in oneself from beginning to end, inside sound. You can let her know who the friend that you come and go is, but you can have been communicated beforehand, everybody can go up to give the other side the space each other in trustful foundation. Proper when, give a dot sweet word, a lot of moment, the woman suffers you this one.

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