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The man gives the love on the woman the lesson
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In feminine eye, when the man is handling feeling often little root muscle, need others gives directions confuse a law, but this does not state they are in amative respect is worthless. Actually, the man is class of a love attends to the woman in the real operation with them.   


The first class: Love is not the life is all
To the woman, love is the life, oxygen, life, accordingly, feminine love always is dynamic, do so that the world all knows; Most woman returns meeting him pour into all feeling. But the man can differ, even if is in be passionately in love, they also can have the heart below skill firm to come refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends, devote oneself to the thing before absorbedly.

The man is too merciless rather, perhaps you can think so, more sometimes you can enrage him the because of the thing of other date that postpones you again. Actually they are actualer only, know in actual life still has a lot of to compare the thing with more important love, work for instance, for instance money, again for instance his brothers ……

Want to remember: He also did not despise the meaning that you exist a bit.


The 2nd class: Ground of stop where it should stop keeps silence
Many women make a mistake easily, without giving thought to,be each other friendship, like the size thing in life of rebuke of ground of garrulous long-winded be favored with, no matter the other side is,also have fun at, one of the head say on a few hour.

Right, the woman likes to also be good at sharing a secret with others, can be everything no matter size, right wrong, when rawness to his confide in sb, calm dew can let you secretly become dull in man eye only, trifling and be without secret touch, two people relation draws period at this point.

Actually, more men are loving at a variety of advantage to feminine play the peacock, it is good to want listen respectfully only at this moment. Because he just wants to let you,“ adores ” he is one, remember giving him an affirmative eyes … constantly even…

The 3rd class: Affair of illicit fine love does not say with friend
Woman besides meet ground of one's own wishful thinking and the man that meet first share worry sometimes besides, still have a few deadly trouble, mix namely sisters are too frank and sincere, arrive almost the degree of keep no secrets from each other, from the pet name of sweetheart childhood, to osculant skill, even …… , it is the topic of each other prattle.

But female people has thought, share these secret with the friend fine love affair, in interacting extremely likely with his in you overhand shadow. On one hand, can make he feels what his privacy humanness knows, at every turn is without conceal, very uneasy, it is one kind is betrayed with betray; In addition, probably originally you are not so the issue that mind, because hear a friend to cheer the ground that add vinegar,say however: “ is right, he is fidgety ” really and the feeling compares be pickled with grains or in wine. And the thing that should not tolerate so, good because of the friend however word is comforted, let you do not have determination to solve a problem more instead.
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