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The man gives the love on the woman the lesson
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The 4th class: See a problem directer when
When the men and women interacts, absolutely bisexual place goes after know the other side hard, the key that is man and feminine understanding only is act in a way that defeats one's purpose. The woman wants to know, why he just calls in the late evening come, is at noon? Why does he ask me to see a movie? Such saying, have special reason?

Relative to the conjecture at feminine irrelevant, the man thinks those who know is a fact; You are how old, are you lone? Are you available in the evening on Saturday? Your infer I? Do you love me? A lot of women the man direct the make a decision that become, straightforward allegation already saw etc say for marble, this is inequitable. In fact, the man sees a problem more the car that runs quickly on the road like, their customary thinking means is from armour the ground reachs second ground, orbit of linear and few deviate.

If the man asks you to see a movie, do not be in put those who think its place is implicit at the beginning any symbolic significances, want to think why he asks you to look only, is not to ask others. Because he loves you,nine times out of ten is, like you, that's what it all adds up to.

The 5th class: Make a prompt decision behead affection silk
The meaning of this word is not “ man to fear affirmatory ” , the fact is the dialog that “ man fears to make next commitment not be that oneself fated woman ” man is before the feeling that enters a paragraph of stability, always first ask oneself: Does she accord with my need? Are two people in of sexual respect cooperate how? Economically, is she self-sufficient self-sufficient?

If all problem answers are negative, he won't waste time and you to hit soft bubble forcedly absolutely, he meets nine times out of ten back out, continue to beautiful woman in the look for on love road ahead. Won't resemble a woman absolutely same, what see each other obviously is improper, still get into a dead end, want to transform opposite party blindly. Final it is music comes loose person difficult circle, still be “ grows painful be inferior to short painful ” !


The 6th class: Be lovelorn won't be overwhelmed with sorrow
This is not to say compatriots cold blood is merciless, do not feel hate and desire 6 desire. The meeting when the woman is lovelorn is so sad that the meeting when the woman is lovelorn drive sb. to his death, can cry decadent; The woman with a few taller state is met rice of a few days of water is not touched. And happen lesser on man body to indulge blindly because of be lovelorn not to eat to be not drunk sad thing.

The man looks so that leave so, having one part reason should be attributed to common biology behavior response. The expert thinks: “ is in mentally, the man produces the mental chemistry that overcomes anguish more easily than the woman to react. ” the difference besides mentally, of course the man must be compared in the restitute on lovelorn road fast. They know to already was met after all oneself again of love, skyline where does not have fragrant grass, what is more,the rather that, the actualest cure hurts a method to fall in love with another person again as soon as possible namely.
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