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How should you answer of the woman foolish problem
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Face pure little girl nevertheless, we can tell to use the truth straight from the shoulder to answer back and forth, or else aid also can be pushed the teachers with high painstaking effort of the work in the school solve. But silly question of the woman always makes male people's air defense is not prevented very, indescribable abrupt change goes, have to reply on the spot, which have time to look for emancipator? If you dare to reply sincerely, the activity of pay respects to sb at his tomb that can await calendar year tomb-sweeping day only then is producing effect right now, hope door lists Zu Liezong to be able to bless you to overshoot in safety catastrophic.

Remember: You do not have honest right! After firmly remembers this law, we just can deal with the following woman 4 kinds of big silly questions.

The first kind: Absolutely dispute is inscribed

The first kind of of feminine ask a question silly question, it is to belong to dispute to inscribe. For instance: The woman asks anxiety-riddenly: Do you discover “ does my canthus add a lot of small microgroove newly? ” although you feel her piscine end grain is like Maliyana greatly trench, but otherwise of your ten million moves manner ground to wear glasses, the emphatically after spending some of time to observe carefully replies: “ is done not have! ”

Ask happily when the woman: “ is this foreign outfit that you feel I am worn today good-looking? You want ” to get on the line of sight by cool and refreshing photo removed, next dedicated and cordial answer: “ is extremely good-looking! The one big group that ” woman holds the edge that hold a waist is adipose, ask cautiously: “ can you feel my get fat? You want ” to answer aloud absolutely: “ won't! I still feel you are too thin! ” woman subdues the ground to ask: “ are you very the willfully make a trouble that is fed up with me? ” although you once wanted to use many times vitriolic and abluent her explode intense disposition, but you return so that reply genially: “ won't! Because that is,attribute our life interest. ” anyhow, the solution of this kind of problem has only, and not be you absolutely emerge in brain experience, you should answer the answer that sets beforehand in her heart, a meeting lets her jubilate clinking answer. After this, without giving thought to she again how repeat question closely, you ability lives strength, hold in both hands on this only solution. When her by means of your answer is hypnotic after oneself, what you can see her smile is brighter than the sun, your day is met surely relaxed many.

The 2nd kind: Violate conscience to choose a topic

Woman the 2nd kind of silly question is the category that attributes choice problem, they let you very can good-temperedly have the space of the choice, but everybody the heart knows abdomen bright the result that this choosing yields which she is glad to make her relaxed. It is for instance after joyous party end, the woman can be next to you closely, ask carefully next: “ the cummer of I and your friend who is more beautiful? What fun does ” open? The family is the areca Xi Shi with the hottest line of vertical be linked together of sweep anything away, admire in the beauty degree on extortionary with the family one relatively relative superiority or inferiority, not less than is throw egg against rock, kick against the pricks. Nevertheless this kind sends the view that calls from primitive desire, you can be born forcedly only swallow in unripe past abdomen, in returning the home unpleasantly all the way otherwise, you should bear one time surely the cruel torture that blacksnake adds a candle. So standard answer is firm firm scolds her: “ that 38! How can be she compared with you? Is this like east is the crayfish of straight door compared with big langouste of Hilton? ” next the woman can act like a spoiled child stamp ground says: “ you deceive people! My where has her beauty! ” but assure all the way her mouth can laugh more greatly than the shark! When feminine p reaper the ground asks: Is “ had successively held the posts of who is best to you in the girlfriend? Actually pony of ” of “ evil people are same bad all over the world, “ does not laugh at ” giraffe face is very long ” , the time became long female people still is not an appearance, what they bring you is pungent it is the little difference on degree only, substaintial meaning a bit did not change! Your heart is medium nevertheless although bright, but ten million cannot honesty is spoken, wrap pillow of Gu of your night night to thinking *** to weep otherwise dawn. So you should embrace her closely, exhaust all affectionate speech reply: “ is in my heart, have your woman only, also having you only is true good to me …… . ”
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