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How should you answer of the woman foolish problem
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The 3rd kind: Horrible explain topical

The 3rd kind of of feminine ask a question silly question is belonged to explain topical. The answers blame general generation of this kind of problem is OK appropriate processing, need has paragraph of extremely high number and clear mind to just can digest full result. For example: Ground of feminine bellyful scheming asks: Does “ your past love me quite? Still love me quite now? ” this problem is very serpentine! If you reply: “ loved you quite in the past! That represents ” not to love her now namely, make sure you can be swung by her on the spot a hand, the palm that rises to on your cheek imprints, fixed have line of her cracked feeling! Average mind is not quite sharp smooth man can answer: “ loves you quite now! ” the answer that this is a standard it seems that, but you had thought, if the ground like violent storm atttacks you,the woman meets certainly next: You say “ to love me quite now, can you be why the love that didn't I experience you? ” , “ why you become so cool, does birthday connect Shu Juhua to also did not send? ” , “ why you kiss me in person no longer, is saying me the most beautiful wife on the world? ” , “ why do you go into the street to often staring at other woman to look? ” so, must not the problem trap of indulge in woman! How should be that handled? Attention! This is explain topical, should use of course explain topical harangue means answers back and forth, outline of make a point is: I compare “ to loved you in the past now, but future can love your ” depend on this to try carefully then more and more inference deduces: You are OK for company she a dilatancy in those days romantic past, after-thought experienced the wind storm rain that pass in the past, admit two people got along to face a few problems really now bravely next. But the mellow wine that you want to emphasize what she resembles a cup of intoxicate, sample sapidder more, then you should show you have absolutely confidence and intense love sturdily, can handle these small attrition. Next, treat as she is made like the dream 10 million beautiful future. If your word says enough dream, what time procrastinates is quite long, believing the crisis that this problem place derives is sure is be readily solved.

The 4th kind: Nerve-racking fill is inscribed

The 4th kind of silly question is very knotty fill problem, sure meeting kills the woman in all love give this problem to let a man be at a loss. They always ask can casually: Do you have “ to love me more? ” man uses the engagement with one's words of again much magnificent and long constant, cannot let a woman believe your result! In the metempsychosis that fill inscribes, I think white the hair on the temples of how much youth, after buddhist thought of a few Hui Yuanshan's autumn scenery, satori this only solution: You are serious to her love and will cordial ground comes out with action expression, the everlasting, sincerity that lets you is in love with the sensation with specific melt into, every little bit fills the inmost … that enters her slowly…
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