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In new environment the society smiles
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Meeting bring into contact with or place oneself are in the hard to avoid in the job new environment, in new environment, everybody is used to board have a piece of face, protecting originally frail dignity, lest suffer,harm to what come from the outside. Result, new environmental as a rule is new still, the sort of “ dangerous ” that you worry about still conceal is in your all round. Such, be to turn over him engage in profiteering to be done very tiredly, very lack?

If we change a pair of expression, do not want the sort of cold proud alleged dignity, never mind stretching tight face, open the eyes of round vigilance and suspicion, let us laugh slightly, can better?

The society smiles in new environment, it is the relaxation of a kind of psychology and calm above all. Approach stranger, we these many somes of sincerity and affable. We are essential not need is pretended for those people, because of the life passing traveller that we just brush a shoulder and passes. Your cold face, his cold face, cold face of everybody, constituted new human environment, restricting interior communication and communication. And we learned to smile, your smiling face, his smiling face, everybody's smiling face although as before “ unfamiliar ” , should brush a shoulder as before and pass, but our heart however or else is met exhaustion and insecurity, also become relaxed and happy in our heart. Between person and person although reticent but very tacit, what we feel in new environment is unfamiliar no longer with iciness, however harmonious with warmth.

The society smiles in new environment, still be a kind of self-respect, self-love, self-confident expression. The smile is a kind of the most moving expression on human face, it is the good and breathed language in social life, she originates the goodness of a person's mind, good-tempered and altruistic, expressional is a kind magnanimous with magnanimous. The smile is the self-confidence of the person that succeed, it is the loser's adamancy; The smile is the adhesive of human relation, also be to change enemy the potion effective prescription that is friend. The smile is the esteem to others, also be pair of love and support of single-minded a kind of ceremony.

In new environment the society smiles, you learned how to wear the bridge of a friendship between stranger, also mastered an open stranger the golden key of heart door leaf.

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