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Fact of single female truth says 4 big cities
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Miss Cao says, she begins from inside memory, parents makes a noise ceaseless, affected her disposition, as a child cowardly, dissocial, fear marriage, grow pie-eyedly because of oneself again, had seen judge people with their appearance of a lot of men, produce psychology of a kind of allergy all the time to handsome man. Anyhow, after she starts to talk, she poured her affection privacy to come out, resemble opening warehouse, long Tibetan paddy is taken bask.

The lone woman of Beijing has this kind of nature generally. A lot of people think because they live in the capital, have a kind of aeriform advantageous feeling, very arrogant very great-hearted, actually, this is they are returned not the sense that ringent moment gives a person, once start to talk, they are the flattest in Chinese female a flock of, this happens to have the same view with the urban style of Beijing.

The story of lone woman sends Shenzhen mostly result from inland

The lone woman that says Shenzhen fills a narrative, but their story originates mostly at inland, drip from each district shedding and come. Shenzhen is a story only is laky. Have Rong Naida, the story is much, laky big also.

The lone woman of Shenzhen just comes to Shenzhen to find a dream after inland divorces very much more, perhaps escape feeling because of all sorts of reasons and come to Shenzhen ” of Sukhavati of last this new emigrant city, “ begins the life afresh. Their affection story is concerned with inland mostly. They also in unlike fokelore in that way, live very leisurely and riches and honour, actually, they are China in all cities, pressure is the greatest, confront the woman with the brutallest competition. Just, their suffering is buried in the heart normally, do not like to appear. Http://

This year Zhang Jiaxian of 38 years old is an indoor stylist, monthly pay 6000 yuan, press a truth, this in Shenzhen the income that the level gets on in should calculating, the life passes very leisurely to just be opposite, but she is in the “ after inland divorces barehanded ” comes to Shenzhen, there is father and mother on, there is the son that reads junior high school below, return 2000 yuan every months for the room, she says to press muscularity “ is suffocative ” . Because inside end was afraid of, look for a partner in marriage asks job of the other side wants to stabilize now, want to have particular economic actual strength.

The condition is poor, her disinclination; And the man with good condition, feel her age is old again, and have in the home often have little, not dare “ offends ” her. She such a year answer a year of ground must not come down personally not simply. She says, if her life begins in Shenzhen, perhaps won't so “ ritzy ” , be forced get “ ritzy ” by the pressure of the life now rise. She very fear to find to resemble in that way poor before husband, return the days of poverty previously possibly again in that way, think with respect to fear after the event.
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